Karen is a Leader for Experiential Transformation.

As an agent for global change, Karen explores the ability to tap into the personal wellspring of tranquility & inner peace, discovering the magic of learning & growing through the use of game participation & / or visuals, in what can be fun & stress free for Individuals, Groups or Teams all shift into expansive mode. Those who journey with her are exploring both in & outside the box, discovering, continually expanding Personal Freedom & Successes at the same time.

Karen’s been a daughter, sister, friend, equestrian, lover (of life), nurse, support, mom, teacher, Spiritual Mentor, divorcée — which has all prepared & led her to what she does best today:


“W”holistic Transformational Catalyst, Expansion Specialist and Organizational Consultant.

Whether it be the ER to delivery room, cardiac units to boardrooms in China, Germany, India, Canada, Hawaii, across the US or South Africa with Creativity and Business Innovation for change. Always serving community first .

She’s learned to adapt easily & quickly. Whether teaching new skills or harmonizing with nature, she applies communication skills, teamwork, leadership, management, boundary skill sets or stress management skills, in all facilitations.

Karen is a licensed HeartMath provider, facilitator at Creativity Conferences and Team Building. She is a speaker & seeker.

Discover the BE-ing while exploring Creativity or Universal Laws, the possibility is endless.

Karen teaches and speaks into applied success principles, creating the freedom in all life’s relationships . The choice is yours……whether it be alongside horses or in Nature, Boardroom of Cafe, through visuals, gaming, one-on-one sessions, groups, retreats, or workshops, Karen is committed to opening up another world of Perception!

The outcome remains the same: “TranquilSOULutions”… Livening and Thriving!