Day 3 Blog Challenge: Something about myself I should be improving…

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 4:03pm

When you see your own Greatness, you than can see the Greatness of Others!

by Karen Rudolf,

I found this question to be rather interesting. My belief system has been for me that something needed to be improved, implies something needs to be ‘fixed’. As if I were broken in some way. Especially having a lock of self confidence for so many years and after living for so many years with the context of being ‘not enough’.

-if I don’t save for a rainy day…. those rainy days always seemed to show up at the most in opportune times…

-money doesn’t grow on trees … it’s got to be earned with hard work…. hummm, I began to work harder and harder , not smarter

—there are starving children in Biafra (would’ve been cool to have thrown the geography lesson in there at this time, like really?? Biafra?) so eat everything on your plate…… ugggggg… I began eating mine and than some, waste not want not…. UGH! And created social prejudices for all those Biafrans! Though the eyes of babes….

-if you lost just a little more weight , I’d make love to you more often as he’d pinch an inch….no matter how long and hard I worked out…. talk about ‘not enough’… ARGH!!!

The lists go on and on into the self for-filling prophecies .

ENOUGH! I want off that ride!

-Opportunities are always there for the eyes which see and I choose me!

-Money flows where energy goes, it flows easily towards me and all is well.

-There is abundance all around me, for the asking.

-I was enough, I am enough and I love me just the way I am! No one else can create my happiness other than myself… responsibility I embrace as mine and I am joyous.

As I journeyed to explore and own my personal Truth, I shifted my speaking, the words as my thoughts I was clear were creating my reality, my occurring world , it seems to me that I resinate with being whole , complete and perfect right here, right now.. I believe that about all of you as well. All I have is this very moment in time, not guaranteed tomorrow and I can no longer change the past. Seems to me, I want to make that count.. I spent endless hours, studies, time and monies to learn, and expand myself so I may inspire others .

I was guided to ‘get myself out of the way’, now I just show up, and butterflies always show up…now that’s another story…. It’s all perception after all, isn’t it??

So if I look at something to improve, I’m always improving… always expanding, growing, learning than Peace is mine!

I am Grateful!

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