Day 4: Something I do well….

Taking awareness to another Level, Fears left behind.

What I do well is …

I = Inspirational, I enjoy getting myself out of the way to inspire, lift and teach others how to step into their own greatness and remind them of the flickering light which shines from the inside out.

N= Nourishing mind, body and soul creates a space of harmony, when harmony is present we flourish and manifest … Universal Laws….

S= Serving come naturally to me, it seems to me that when I teach the importance of words creating our reality in order to manifest our desires, the harmony comes when we are smiling both inside and out.

P= Peacefully giving without judgement and assessment, creates safe spaces for allowing others to BE who they are meant to Be.

I= Interestingly enough, Integrity is near and dear to me, without integrity nothing works. Like attracts like, when I’m being my word, others notice and seem to step up naturally into their own. Others take notice.

R= Radiating Love. In order to attract love into my spaces, I Am Love, compassion and presence.

E= Enlightenment occurs whenever I meet another and get to see the inner flame of another, it touches , and inspires me to see the oneness of us all.

The more I inspire the more I am directed to remain in my heart and encourage others to remember who they are, I am In -Spirited , I am grateful and Peace is mine.

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