Day 5: Advice for getting unstuck

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 3:57pm

The importance of breathe, we come in with a breathe, we depart with a breathe, in between creates value!

Today’s question was :

Advice for getting unstuck?

Response: Breathe, Step back, breathe , distract, return.. re-Commitment , breathe…

It seems to me when I get “ stuck“, I search within to get unstuck, I am in my head… appears to hold deep dark spaces there.. When I take my questions into my heart, into the silence, I have all I ever need right there…. If I doubt or fear or question myself ,I’ve now allowed these to conquer my failure, I realize how I’m not trusting, not trusting myself, my intuition, my higher power…. What am I committed to after all? Whom do I want running the show?? After all it’s my show any way, correct??

So I take 3 deep breathes, in through my nose and out through my mouth… 3 is the magic number. I than step back and often walk away for a moment, even if it is only to relieve myself or get a glass of water… prior to sitting down again, I take 3 more deep breathes… the breathe slows down my endorphin‘s, effecting my metabolic rate, my thoughts which have effected every cell of my body…. get the picture????….and I than change the way I look at things. when I change the perspective, I view the existing reality in a new way… Than finally,as a Mentor, I remind myself what I’m committed to…. take another three breathes and I’m rockin’ and rollin’, back on track.

With practice it gets easier and easier and when I get really stuck in my head, I have Angels who watch over me…. some of which I’ve hand picked. As a Mentor, I pick up the phone and request a committed listener to just hear me out… often as I speak aloud , I hear exactly what I couldn’t hear in my silence clearly.

They know me well enough to know I am NOT looking for advice , judgment nor assessment of my thoughts unless I ask when I feel stuck, key phrase here, “unless”…. so there is always a mutual respect. When I give respect, I get respect, which gives me the sound advice to move forward, which I require. Works for us. I call these Angels my “Dream Team”, we’ve been a contribution to each other for the last 7 years…. one for business, one for relationship and one for finance and spirituality… It’s a conversation and agreement up front should you choose to create your own team.

Law of Attraction

Interestingly enough, when new people come into my life for a reason or season, I go within to seek what questions I’ve asked of myself which have brought these new Angels into my space… Law of Attraction works whether I am conscious of it or not… now that’s another story…and

Inner Peace becomes mine.

I’d be curious for those who decide to attempt this , let me know what worked for you and what hadn’t….

Namaste for getting your inner peace.

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