Part 1: Spring Cleaning: Your Personal Clutter

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 30, 2017 at 9:45pm

Preform a regular Self check in

When was the last time you took the moments and did a personal inventory of your internal spaces as well as your external environment.?    Spring is a perfect time to sow the seeds for a wonderful abundant Autumn harvest.   Coming out of the cold Winter months,  pulling back and thinking about a plan of action to have the life we dream of.   It’s a time to get complete with all those things hoovering out there.  Complete the past, purge all the spaces and crevices both internally and externally.  How?  Great question…

In the cold of Winter, you’ve been looking at what no longer serves you.  Looking at what you want, where you’re going. Lots of time to do someIntrospection work.

Now it’s Time for Spring Cleaning.. Begin with perhaps your environment.. Purge, clean and reorganize.  By doing so, it creates clarity to think and function at a higher vibrational energy . Commit to cleaning up 3 things each day.  Watch the magic begin happening!!

Next , your Health & Well Being.  What are you willing to commit and follow through with? Perhaps it can be as simple as letting go of soda to start replacing it with water.  Start walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator… You get the picture.. All about choices.

You’ve been holed up for the winter reading or vegging in front of the TV perhaps.  Time to get out. Time to expand your Mind. Your growth & developmentalbrain.  Start with a workshop, seminar or class.. You’ll meet like minded people and  have like minded conversations . Perhaps working out. When you feel good about yourself you will radiate good”  to all around you mirroring it back to you.   It seems to me, when you smile the whole world smiles back!!

Finances are part of the health & well being conversation .  Tax time is here. Take care of you and your finances by having things in order , being responsiblefor knowing where your money is going and perhaps be open to saving something! Especially all that loose change you’ve found while cleaning out the clutter.

Being mindful, sending out the good with the bad,

Commit to instead of that soda, put that soda monies you would’ve spent or $1.00/day away , it’s a start. After 3 months perhaps raise it to $10.00/week .  Watch the $$$ grow. Pretend its gone , off limits.   After 3 months get present to how much money that soda was costing you in more ways than one as your waist line shrinks!!

Check back Friday for Part 2 of Spring Cleaning: Your Personal Clutter.   Friday , learn other enticing tidbits to support the Spring Fling!

Karen Rudolf, with TranquilSOULtions, is a Mentor, Coach , Teacher , Facilitator. She  Intuitively Choreographs a relationship with her clients using visual contexts.  As a Client you will learn ways to instinctively communicate , process emotions , thoughts and  feelings with the use of these new skill sets which you can apply to all relationships.  Hear inner dialogs and shift perceptions when she teaches you to go  deeper and obtain the connection with your inner self energy.

Feel free to inquire about  your  15 min. complimentary session. .   Inquire at Karen@tranquilsoulutions .com with your available time choices.

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