Part 2: Spring Cleaning: Cleaning out the Cobwebs!

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 4:16pm

What to do when the feeling of overwhelm occurs?

I stated in Tuesdays post, about looking at taking the moments to take your personal inventory of where you are presently, look at where you are going and what you want differently for next year. In other words, what worked and what didn’t . I spoke of ways to prepare yourself for next years “harvest” by planting seeds now. Before seeds are planted, the farmer must get rid of last years, old growth and than till the soil to prepare for the new seeds to be readied. The same holds true for ourselves. Same are the ways to clean up your internal environment to support the outer environment.

Clearing the cobwebs

Today’ a new day, a new Beginning ! A great place to start is Today, not tomorrow and you certainly can’t yesterday anymore, although sometimes we wish we would. So…. let that go! Moving forward, as we are cleaning up our personal cobwebs it seems a great time to be open to Planting the seeds for job expansion or job change? You’re getting a better grip on what you want now . Are you living your dream? Living what you do? Consider job change , shift or expansion supports lowering your stress levels and raises your serotonin levels (“Happy hormones” – increasing Serotonin levels decreases many diseases at the same time). Trust in yourself. You’ve had many life experiences and you have much in your tool chest to be of value and service to others . Keep in mind, you are only taking personal inventory of how to expand and choose here. If you are compelled to change, and take a risk, often risks can be very rewarding.

Cleaning out the cobwebs and be open to Spiritual Growth. This means letting go of the past ! Be in the moment! Allow the past to remain in the past . You can NEVER return there, Keep the past in the past and allow the freedom to move forward creating the future without Fear! You’re worth it! I it requires you to start expanding, Trusting in Yourself and a higher Source. How you do this is up to you. It requires one to breathe into your heart space and listen for your answers to your concerns. It seems all your answers lay within you.

Today, as you are loving the changes, loving yourself, your love beacon shines , attracting love back.. Only than are you ready for external relationships to show up even more powerfully.

Check back here for other snip its of Spring Cleaning’s ongoing tidbits . Summer is around the corner a season for fun and play! We want to be ready both inside and out, yes? Why wouldn’t you? You’ve taken inventory and are ready to move forward.Your looking good, your exuding love , light and happiness. Isn’t that what you want anyway? Check back here for other snip -its of Spring Cleaning’s ongoing tidbits .

Ever get stuck? Attempt some affirmations for 30 days .. Takes that long to create a habit . If you’re stuck in writing your own. Feel free to inquire about your 15 minute complimentary session. I will be happy to create your Personal set of Affirmations. Inquire at Karen@tranquilsoulutions .com Subject: Affirmation consult 15 with your available times and I will get back to you promptly.

Karen Rudolf, with TranquilSOULtions, is a Mentor, Coach , Teacher , Facilitator. She Intuitively Choreographs a relationship with her clients using a non-verbal visual skill set.

As a Client you will learn ways to instinctively communicate , process emotions , thoughts and feelings with the use of new skill sets which you can apply to all relationships. Hear inner dialogs and shift perceptions when she teaches you to go deeper and obtain the connection with your inner self energy.

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