Taking Me On! Day 2: Things of Importance to me…

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 4:05pm

Taking Me On! Day 2: Things of Importance to me…

By Karen Rudolf, http://www.tranquilSoULutions.com

Something important to me…

Yesterday I wrote about my personal commitment to myself. I take that very seriously as I believe integrity is everything. Without integrity nothing works. If one believes in Universal Law, I attract what I put out there. I only wish good thing to be attracted into my space. It’s not just about having the happy, positive … ha ha, life is great attitude, cause let’s face it, it sucks sometimes! Life throws us curve balls and , we either learn to duck to avoid really quickly or we get nailed upside the head a few times until we learn to duck! Yeah, I was one of them once (or twice) as well before I figured it out! Trial and error, law of cause and effect. We learn about this law early on… touch a stove and getting burnt before the brain says, think NOT!

So, I’ve gone on for a bit longer, if you can’t tell, I love this stuff. The more I learn and expand and give it back , the more I grow and understand my world around me. How to maneuver more freely within a working world. Freedom is very important to me. I’ve allowed fears, judgments , other opinions to hold me back way too long. When I finally committed to change and surrendered to not controlling the ship, the winds always seemed to blew fiercely in my sails, I got the ship had another route for me to follow. It’s been freeing not to fight the wind besides, it’s way stronger than I can every be.

I’ve enjoyed the journey as Joy is important to me. The feeling both inside and out creates a huge smile and warmth. It feels great!!! Joy radiates as I maintain a grateful heart.

I love my life, I love what I do and I love being me. Now I’d say that integrity , freedom and joy together create the harmony of Peace within me for sure!

The pieces will fit together ,

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