Taking Me On!

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 4:11pm

Taking Me On!

Taking me to another Level, Fears left behind.

The question posed today was why had I decided to take on #YourturnChallenge today?

I heard something for myself in the conversation of failure. Had I failed, Yes! I like to think of it as failing forward… I am always growing, learning and expanding. I am not looking at myself as I did something wrong, it’s just never gotten done. Simple! No frills.

I’ve been talking about writing my book for sometime now, you know that book we all have inside awaiting to come forward and support the world? That one that will make a difference? Yup, that’s the one I’ve got tied up in knots within me, and I’m usually , too busy, not enough hours in the day, or something like, me an author? Yup, that internal dialog which holds even myself back….Ouch! Human after all!

I’m clear I am here to make a difference, be of service and contribution. I mentor from a space of integrity , and here I am talking about it and haven’t committed….. Interesting…. When I get sick and tired of being sick and tired, it moves me into action….

Recently I took on a 6 week weight loss challenge after getting sick and tired and looking in the mirror and barely recognizing where I’d disappeared to, only for me it was in the wrong direction. When I finally got what commitment was rather than wishing and hoping that someday / one day I will be finding the time…. I heard the echo of my best sista’s voice in my ear whispering it’s all numbers…. numbers are diminishing on the time line and now on my waistline since I got into action, I have lost the 10 lbs and have found the commitment to be participating presently on the next 6 weeks with more gusto and presence to what’s now going into my mouth. Being my word… to self. I now am reaping the rewards of better health , well being and energized.

When I looked at this from this perspective, I got another level of Self Love. Motivation to write that book.

So, I am taking this 7 day challenge on to write my daily blog, to begin the habit of loving and living what I believe in, what I stand for and getting it out there in the world. I am joyous to be playing with you all and find my someday one day is NOW!!

Thank you for the amazing opportunity … Gratitude World!

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