You may see me struggle, and you’ll never see me quit!

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 3:45pm

You may see me struggle, and you’ll never see me quit!

Part of Aliveness and living a chosen life full out, means never giving up. Seems to me there are too many amazing lessons and experiences to have , grow and enjoy….

Against all odds! We choose to Thrive!

Pictured above of our horse Truman after his lightning strike . Against all odds the vet told me to put him down , he’d never survive… he taught me how to go within and find the strength to reach for more! He taught me life wasn’t about just surviving , it’s about thriving!! Never say never and keep on keeping on.

Life brings us many challenges and concerns. Not that for a moment I’d think them easy to deal with. However, when I choose to change the lens, I often find that silver lining and remind myself how grateful I am for the experiences and the lessons to expand and grow from where I am. Why as a communicator, I enjoy a straight conversation. It allows me the where with all to choose to change that which no longer serves, to grow and expand… I find much joy there.

Lightning may strike at anytime when we least expect it… whom might you be and Who or what inspires you??

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