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9 Feet to 9 Inches of Affirmations

There was a time , not too long ago, when my self esteem was waning along with my self worth. I was having pity party” moments that were lasting a lot longer than a moment.


At the time, I had an enormous mirror (9 x 6′) hanging in my bathroom. Whenever I dared to glance at it, reflected back was a sorry ass… me. I was looking haggard. I was worn out from attempting to keep a straight, strong face for the outside world to see and it was starting to show. I was exhausted.

Something had to change and quick. I heard an idea about using a sticky pad full of affirmations to shift your thinking about oneself. I started filling that giant mirror with positive affirmations until there was no room left except for a 9 square inch window just big enough to put on the makeup to cover the signs of stress.

After about 30 days, I started to shift that covered 9′ x 6′ into a covered 9 inch square, 3 post-its wide and three post-its tall. Slowly, as I began believing what I had written on those squares, I began peeling away the layers of notes. One by one. Intentionally. Trusting, Believing.  I was transforming. As I went through my days, reading those 3 x 3’s a hundred times, I was able to look beside them into the vastness of that open mirror space and see me. The real me. It’s not the diet or the makeup that will make you happy with what you see in the mirror, it’s your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.


Our journey continues….In the Flow.

I Mentor and Coach all day. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and how to tune in and tune on. I get “Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others. Often I have to step back and take the moment to remind myself to be with self.

Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.

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