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Being with Intuition..

Just another day in life?…. hummm…

As many of my faithful followers know, and thank you for that .I am most grateful for your Trust in me!!  As many know, I have been taking on another cleanse.   This one I will now call my ‘First cleanse”.   It’s a Autumn cleanse, autumn. a time for pulling back , slowing down and gathering… looking over where I’m at before the onset of Winter……

I’ve worked and continue to work on Mind, and Spirit and found I let my body go.   Always putting others first, and I am presently shifting that energy into including myself in that mix. It’s okay  about me!   No, I’m not being selfish, I’m being selfless.   I’m feeling great to be in this space.  How can I possibly give back to others, if Im not looking and experiencing it over here, with myself?

As I identified what was holding me back , I declared I was now going to take on expanding my business along with my health/ well-being/ body.  No coincidences… in steps the Universe….. providing for my ‘Needs and Desires”   ….

I meet Mena Canonico.


Apache and Mena

I hired her skill with business and Horse experiences , to support me by adding my Wonderful Duo, Truman (the Miracle Horse) and Apache (another Miracle)  into TranquilSOULutions Practice!  Expanding the conversation!!

Right after I came home from supporting a Montreal Company for 6 magical days, I saw the benefit by being 100% present.  I  came home and Visioned for someone to support me in the same conversation I was having for my own business. Mena  stayed with me for 6 magical days!  Once she arrived,  In the right timing, the conversation around business and clearing self  was being managed . Somewhere along the line she taught me the magic of finding the Perfection in EVERYTHING!   WOW!    Another shift in perception on this level I hadn’t seen for myself. I know it, yet it often hides from ourselves.  I trust its here, wasn’t trusting me finding it!!  Go figure, hey, we all get it when we get it!  Having Mena present was money well spent on Me!  I’m worth it .  My commitment to my Serving you is running my Belief Systems. We all carry our own sets.  Yup we ALL have them!  It’s what to do with them and how to manage them….     After Mena departs for her next journey,  I’m digesting in an easy time space…. being with the information and myself.  Got it.     Next, my Bod!

I meet Dr. Mitchell Kershner, ND. in perfect timing.  It’s like he fell from the sky.   Right after I put out to the Universe I am with a healthy balanced mind , body and spirit.  Dr. Kershner shows up and shares with me his philosophy and wisdom.  The Pearl…. eating Organically is an investment / my insurance policy!  Wasn’t long for me to agree to his challenge of taking on his Fall Cleanse Diet.   Whose not up for a Challenge, throws a bit of fun and play into the mix!

I take on his amazing “magic” cleanse…He warned me not to be surprised what else would show up .   I hadn’t been expecting anything out of the norm. mind you

that‘s a relative word! . What showed up was pure magic for me … The Pearls on a silver Palette. because what follows is a gift to self, myself… because I’m selfless and loving me today!!

If I ever see them again doesn’t matter, what I’m wanting is for them to be in my Tribe and stay.  What I’m understanding is …I’m not attached.  People come and go for a reason and a season , I will let it be and what shows up shows up.  Either way I’m grateful the Universe found them worthy enough to be put into my world, in this very moment…

As I began this cleanse, I cook everything  Organic in one afternoon. I cranked up the Jazz and swirling around the kitchen , singing and dancing having a grand ol’ time.   Next , making and pre portioning containers, freezing and ‘fridging….

One of the many delectable dishes , I mixed together a symbolic dish of Thanksgiving for my family  which is roasted roots , as I leaned over to carefully put them into the oven this day. This day NOT being Thanksgiving….


Roasted Roots w/ herbs & spices

I was looking at the colors, textures, the ABUNDANCE and realized in that moment I was doing this for me and me alone!   I LOVED ME! I WAS PLAYING WITH ME!!  I Don’t NEED anyone to play with me to make me happy. I do!   I WANT someone to play with me …when I want someone to play with.  Nothing else meant by it….simple.   So I than set healthier boundaries around myself.

I’m honoring my body and listening to it communicating with me. Tuning in.  I’m in a great space to hear, observe, feel and listen.   Pretty cool actually!   Breathing that one in still.

Next I took on cleansing my home, while I was on the “liquid only” portion of this cleanse, I decided to keep busy, the key to not being attached to the thoughts of food or lack of it.  Remember, I’d just created abundance for myself in the kitchen.  I paced taking a break between upstairs and down… after all , hadn’t wished to be too far from the bathroom this day!!  I was cleaning out the old energy and inviting in the new.  Great feeling!

Today, I choose to go be with the horses and gain their wisdom.  Answers I wanted in the moment.   With my day beginning early, I wasn’t able to leave when I intended.  Instead I decided to treat myself by having lunch and doing my homework down by my dock.  Portable office!  Love it.  Brought a smile in and of itself!


Portable office space/ Down by the River!

Wasn’t long before Harriet showed up. Harriet is a Blue Heron, my obvious Totem in the moment.  I actually believed it was showing up for Mena when I brought her down here. .. Herons, signs,  was for me.  In the book, Animal Speak, it says the Blue Heron is Self Reliant. Powerful and Move about easily with a deep rooted connection to the earth… Yup, I’m there!


Harriet watching the passerby's

I believe Harriet is actually Harry, I won’t tell the others if you don’t…..    As I got into a space of Awe. We were sharing the Space, his Space. He was sharing it with me.


Harriet sharing his territory with me.

What showed up in the next moments were so sweet.  I had been meditating seeking questions to further ground me.  I got grounded alright…

Harriet flew down to catch a fish!  1st launch was a success!   He was getting closer to me.   I felt the Trust.   I responded with sending love and compassion his way.  He neared.

As I observed Harriet in his environment.  Doing His “ thing”.. what he does best… I began assimilating and putting all my “ahh ha’s” together to create my own clarity in this moment.

Harriet was no more than 10 or closer feet to me.  There’s Trust present as he comes closer.  As I spoke softly to him, sharing my questions.. He watched me … his generosity in listening was mind blowing.   It was in Divine order that when the fish was close, he skillfully obtained the bounty. Power was present. Once more Abundance shows up in supply.  Harriet Patiently awaited his feast to come to him. Wow there goes that Patience thing again!!!   He was answering, calling towards me.  Hadn’t sounded threatening, rather soothing, a cooing… Compassion was present!


Harriet teaching me life's lessons

Beauty was present for me as he stood majestically still, his feathers gently moving  in the wind.   His innate Wisdom when to know …. what to do…  He had the Vision to see what was before him, in his stillness, I heard my heart speak be still, listen, meditate.



Thank goodness I saw my own reflection this day in his grace.  We are One.  I wanted to take a picture of Harriet in flight.  He stood in his stillness, I was reminded of Patience once more.  I thanked him for sharing his Wisdom and Space with me, invited him back to visit anytime and I walked away, content with my full… how abundant life truly is!!

What I was get from the experience was a reiteration of my Higher Purpose.  Thus, my having to get the experience, live it  in order to get grounded in my Abundance .  I have recently slowed down digesting it all.   I’m in the Being rather than the doing of life, my life.  A fabulous place to be.  Gearing up for what’s next.  Believing the Universe will show up again and again for me!  Appeared in these moments on the river as the puzzle pieces simply came together.

Once more, No coincidences I pick  a  “Wisdom Card” each day and twice this week it was the same “Flowering”card… I get it… I’ve planted the seeds, I’ve nurtured them , tended to them and now I bloom… I am so ready for the next phase … I’m enthusiastic .  I am fully alert , aware and awake now!   Tuned in and turned on!

As I breathed my day in and walk the dog… I felt like the “Choose One”… I’ve a gift I‘m directed to spread…  who am I to resist any longer?   I’m trusting and believing , it’s clear to me that  I manifest what occurs in my world.


Getting the experience on another level

Thank you to all of whom have crossed my path , to all who have chosen to stay, to all I have yet to meet… In gratitude.   Namaste.  Karen.

What I do for a living is called Coaching to some.. Mentoring to others… I like personal journey guide.   As your Guide on your journey, there is no judgment, there is no fixing.  There may be some fun and play along the way, some challenges and many “ah ha” moments for sure!  I’m a firm believer in getting oneself out of our own way, much is possible on the outside.

If I am your guide and you resonate with my style, I  will connect with those who are what I call “willing to want to do the work”  It’s just like going to the gym, you have to work towards what you dream, what you desire….. I am not here to hand it to you.   So only serious apply… If you’re still interested.  I am offering a 30 minute complimentary session to those who read this , and comment on how you see a refection of something within you in this article.  After doing so , send me a list of dates and times which will work for you to have your private session at :

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