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Body Talk…. essential flow.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling like usual self. I realized I was exhausted before I even started my busy day.

When I finally stopped long enough to acknowledge the dull aches and pains I thought, “I know

better.” I took a moment to breathe and get my body talking to me. Somehow along the way I had

lost track of my physical self.


So I’m recommitting to creating more balance in my life. I love me and I believe I deserve the best.

It took me a long time to understand that I’m worth it. A conclusion that I came to with the help

and support of my spiritual guides, mentors, coaches, and loving communities that I am so blessed

to have.

So last night I decided to take a bath! It’s funny that I had been in my new home for almost six

months, showing each day in my haste and forgetting to slow down and enjoy the moments, even

with the bath soaps sitting on the edge of the tub. To honor my body, I decided to treat myself like

a guest in my own home. I lit candles, played soft music, poured myself a glass of wine and soaked

in the moments of pure joy!

It is important to listen to your body when it talks to you. Don’t ignore the little signs. Make time

to nurture yourself: mind, body and soul.I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and

tune on… I get “Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Never to late, too little or too

too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self!


That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.


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