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“I can” do it…..

Okay, so I was wrong!   I admit it freely.  Now I can laugh at myself and be joyous and gleeful!  I’m finally in a space where I can give up the attachment to being wrong!   I own it, I forgive it and I can now laugh at myself and release it to the ether’s.


So I’m not a Rembrandt…. yet!  I took the first step towards it, had fun, was relaxed and revealed… Mostly laughing at myself alot!

At the beginning of the year I was privileged to be asked to be a Presenter at the The Journey Retreat . It was an amazing growth experience!  So grateful I got to be involved in such a fine program.   Next one, not to be missed is in Joshua Tree Retreat Center in CA , Dec. 19 -22, 2012 .   I will be there once more awaiting to not only give of myself, but to allow myself to receive all the treasures there or I prefer calling them, Pearls of Wisdom !!   ((  feel free to contribute and take away.. enjoy!))  I look forward to truly being a part of it again.   It flowed…, and the connections created an amazing mix of personalities and life long friendship tribes!   I highly recommend.  Tell them Karen sent you!!

While having some down time at the Journey, I was given many choices to participate in.   I choose a Painting workshop, Given by Creative Artist, Whitney Ferre of Creatively Fit .

That day, I sat down feeling a bit smug, I can do this even though I have no clue what it will look like. I was sitting amongst what must have been 12 or so other women all chatty and excited.  My apprehension began building.  They all painted, but me!  I was handed 3 canvases, like everyone else and 3 primary color paints. I had no clue what I was going to color my canvas with.   I allowed myself to get distracted… Looking at others , not trusting myself.  how sad if felt.   I heard all these,” this is so much fun, I feel so creative”   I wanted to run and hid.  Actually got up to leave and fought with myself to stay and  be with the discomfort. I wasn’t having fun.   I was finally inspired by a dragonfly… mine looked primitive and sick…   it was one of those paintings one looks at and says, “oh, nice …. pause… try”   Ouch…I kept one and snapped pictures of the poor other 2, just to say I was there.

I was so clear I have creative talent. I’m further clear we all have those talents, their just lying dormant, some where within the cell ‘s nucleus. Struggling to break free, ouch!     I work with my hands, creative metal sculptures, clay works, jewelry work, threads… did enough basket weaving to last me a life time…   My story ” I am not a painter, I work art with my hands… I can’t paint!”   Boy had I stuck to it!

After that grueling experience I get now, that I created for myself… talk about giving one’s power away…hummm…..not me, not what I am committed to. None the less, I chose to hide out one more day while I dabbled my pallet onto other nuggets.   Was an eye opening experience for me in my journey called growth and expansion.  I sat with it for some time.

Months later, to my joy our paths crossed at another event.   As we talked and reminisced about “The Journey” experience and what’s next…. after the exciting exchange of events , Whitney shared how she’s doing her workshops on Skype!!   I was so excited as I do my Coaching/ Mentoring/ Teaching on Skype as well!  Love it!

Whitney invited me to her workshop and take the class.   Ouch!   In the moment my fight or flight kicked in……breathe Karen breathe… I decided to stay and fight it.  fight me… Me WON!… Let me explain the events..

I immediately replied back to Whitney with a sharp “I don’t paint, I can’t paint…. I work with my hands”   Was I defending or what?? Yuck!  Whoa….girl whoa!  Breathe…

Whitney quickly jumps in with, “Yes you can!” without skipping a beat~   Ouch!  Hummmm.

Karen, without skipping a beat takes that breathe and says, “Okay, I just got that the reason “I can’t” is because I don’t know how. I never allowed myself to be taught. ”   Humph!….. Now or Never girl…. “When?”         After I showed up with much joy.  Joy because when I changed my perception I was than   free to be with fun, play and ease when beginning our session. The session  was a hoot! (okay,,,, had to,)  I was all laid out and ready…..


All Laid out... and ready!

Whitney is very easy to be with. After catching up and getting further related, any doubt I may have had in the background was gone.  After instructing me on how to start , I began with 3 colors and hadn’t shared I’d put “abundance” symbols all over the space. After that dried, I was than to make an owl … started really to relax and trust the process…


Whitney shared the how to mix the colors with me to support the flow…was really cool!   Than as my smile was beginning to broaden as I let go of any attachments to my forming owl.    It’s one of those experiences that has to be experienced for you to get your own perception… was pretty amazing

From a Coaches point of view, and my own personal journey, I really get how I sabotage myself in the world of ” Cant’s”.  As I utilize the work I teach/ mentor, I am able to shift my perception and catch myself quicker and quicker…. I get letting go of old layers which drag me down and no longer serve me… I got so much more from the experience.   I teach the tools, I live them and Life than is free to teach me…..

To get your own personal experience with the paintbrush, that yes…..’i do use with my hands now….” tee hee….. contact Whitney Ferre at Creatively Fit Tell her Karen sent you…  I had a blast and can’t wait to paint my next one, I highly recommend the time well  spent!


Not a Remebrant, Its a self expression of Me!

Reality Check for me… I can do it !      With instruction and the willingness to want to change what no longer works for me and enhance what does.  This is what people like Whitney and myself are here for, to support those shifts of joy!

Now that you want  a Coach/ a Mentor / and (each others) Teacher, feel free to contact me as well.. at 407.920.4288 To schedule your 15 Min Complimentary session.

Now I will not do a painting journey with you, I will take you on another visual journey called, “The TranquilSOULution”    Curious?   Call TODAY and see if it’s that perfect fit for you…. 15 Min Could change you life…. It’s you’re life after all…. what are you worth?

Being that it’s  TranquilSOULutions’ 5th Anniversary in Business.

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