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Last week, my daughter stopped by my house and we decided to go out to the barn to see our horses. My daughter quickly found her horse and it wasn’t too long before I was closing the last gate behind me, showering my furry friend with apologies that I had not been out to see him as often as I focus on expanding my business and that in my haste I had also forgotten the carrots! He has always been a great listener and today was no different. It felt great to be beside him once more.

As I backed him into the wash rack to groom, I burst out laughing (and I haven’t stopped since)! He was a she. I had grabbed the wrong horse! My only defense is that all the horses had on fly masks. Chicka, the victim I’d chosen, had enjoyed the attention.  As I walked her back out to the field, I made a new commitment to myself to slow down and  be  more present. The key to any great life is being in the flow and learning how to balance it all. I’m grateful for the lessons today!  Always open to life’s lessons!

I Mentor. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and tune on… I get “ The Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow..

In Gratitude…

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