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Stories add Value to Who you are

Carl Jung one wrote something to the effect of stories about our humanity connect us to our past and link us to our present.   I find this to be so true in many of my clients cases as well as my own.  I invite you to look further for yourself.

Where might your safe haven be located

As a young child, I lived on a dead end street in Massachusetts.   At the end of the street was a vast forest  as small children we would play in and around it all year  long.  Our parents had no fears for our safety back than and the bells would sound to bring us back for a meal.  We were truly conditioned and very happy spending the say in the sunshine and running around.

For myself, I enjoyed my solitude from time to time playing with my Barbie dolls under cover of a bush which resembled a vast igloo. I imagined that no one saw me there, covering my dolls with leaves and healing them from sickness and such.  No coincidences later in life I brought dying plants back to health. My dad said get a profession… I became a nurse and later a healer / mentor / coach/ utilizing that which I “conditioned” myself to love as a child.  No coincidences I live in a preserve amongst nature.

Story is a powerful tool used to not only see where you’ve been, where you are, etc. It’s used in business everyday to close deals with high points which captivate and pull us in.   In movies which do the same.

Where does your story begin?  Have you considered asking another to share their story, most people love sharing, it’s a great getting related connect as well as learning things about another which makes them come alive…it “3-Ds ” them and makes them unforgettable.

What’s your story?   Does it align with where you are today?   Betting it does..

Karen is a passionate Mentor/ Coach / Teacher who brings Nature and her teachings into the everyday classrooms of Life.  From walking in the woods  with Clients and having their sessions to being by horses and learning huge lessons in their presence  to floating on a river and getting the flo of life.   She’s been mastering the art of Communication for 7 years  in a visual context such that others get it quickly. While working on getting herself out of the way such that she’s there for her clients fully without judgements nor opinions.  Frees the space to be present in the moment with each.

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Karen Rudolf,

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Licensed Heartmath Provider.


“Life is a Conversation which emanates from within.”

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