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Last weekend I visited my 79 y/ o  mother along with my 19 y/o daughter to take them both to dinner..   Mom lives 2 a half hours away from me.  Needless to say , I don’t see her as often as I’d like to. 

Its interesting to see this white haired women switch between her present day women & her little girl with excitement. In the past I d been confused by that little girl as I was personally challenged  being a the responsible adult single mom not understanding, almost resentful at times.   What I’ve come to learn is balance.   Acknowledging that inner child & being curious, playful & dreaming myself.   Actually a fun space to be in.

Hidden in an aging body,   Mom shared how she feels younger until she gets up & feels  a pain , a twitch or the mirror collides with the moment.    I can relate now.  Although I feel far from old, my mind tricks me into feeling in my 20s as the body screams slowdown.  I’m listening and shifting that conversation for sure.

It’s okay to ask for assistance , support is around the corner

I’d been pulling out of the garage when I saw this in the rear view mirror mom fall even with her walker.  It was frightening to see.  My daughter was by her & supported her weight until able to lower her gently to the floor.  As we attempted to get her up , she was apologizing for her size, her weak legs & lack of body strength.  She was well.  We carried on ,  Nice time had by all.  Yet still the incident lingered with me.

I’m reminded how our bodies are made up of millions of cells & cells contain water. Studies confirm   thoughts becoming things  and have a direct impact on our bodies..   I get up each day in gratitude.  I thank each part of my body individually for supporting me, functioning efficiently & taking care of me through out the years.  I seek to see the perfection in all things.  Every bit of each step we take supports even a small bit of caring, nurturing and loving ourselves.  It’s never to late to shift our thoughts while we support our personal well being.

If you are wishing to shift the perceptions of Loving yourself,  being self expressed or any other internal conversation you have with yourself,  Feel free to contact me at 407.920..4288 and schedule your 15 minute complimentary session today!


Karen Rudolf

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