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I was on a networking call this past Friday & the moderator  asked me,” who I was most great full for attributing where I am today?”.  Without skipping a beat, I said my former husband.  Gasps where heard on the other end of the phone line by all, men & women alike. I smiled internally.

In a society that makes the ex” the evil bad person, that dogma no longer exists in my space.  Evil? No!  How can it be ?   It took two’ to be in a relationship & I choose to be responsible for my shortcomings as well.   We all have them. Relationship is a growing learning experience.  When you put two people together who never learned to open their mouths & communicate, circumstances arise .  People do what we do and do it well.  Acceptance is not always present.  We often live a life of expectation without having a conversation or agreement around our thoughts and beliefs.

Had life been hurtful at the time, absolutely !   Have I grown from the experience? Absolutely !    I’ve learned & become passionate about communication, created a mentoring practice which I love and I’ve learned to be fully self expressed.  I Found my voice.

I will always be saddened my marriage hadn’t worked out.  The perfection is I got to see and know myself on another level. I have 3 wonderful connected children and my life could be worse.  I hold no resentment,nor anger and Bless him and his life each day and am grateful,our lives intertwined.  No coincidences in life after all .   I choose to look for the perfection in all.  Life is too short to hold on to what I believe life should look like.  It is only me who will suffer for it.

Starting April 3 rd , I offer a group session  call with the topic relating to relationship.   I will be facilitating others for four weeks around the multifaceted levels of relationship. 

Together we brainstorm , hold space for one and other as we plot our way through the healing experience as we grow & learn together. Topic changes monthly!   Come expand your thinking, thoughts and connections!

Interested in joining?   Feel free to contact me at for more information, time and cost.

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