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The Tales We Tell…

Know why I picked your class?  “Why” said the master. The reason I chose yours is because… you spoke to my learning style.   You use Lego’s as a tool to Visualize and allow me the tactile experience of getting” the teachings.  I used to think I was stupid. I know differently, because I know what works for me today.


As a child I was laughed at  because I didn’t know what April fools day” was.   The whole class laughed at me  as well as the pretty Snow White Teacher who kneeled by my side, patting my back.  I immediately retreated inside my head….. I made it mean I must be stupid for not knowing” . That became my Truth!   My Story for years to come.  When I was called upon–” I don’t know”  became my mantra.  I was so fearful of that humility once more.  I knew the work, I knew it all.  I became afraid of opening my mouth fear of looking bad and being laughed at again.  I kept myself small, very small…. a mouse sized small.  


Funny now when I look back I could never recognize that child.  I’ve forgiven her, acknowledged her , welcomed her into my life once more.   Still a tad timid from time to time… and adult me has no qualms about opening her mouth.   Harmony was struck at Last. 


Being creative


Here is a depiction of what I am leaving  a conference with and bring out to the world.  A tower of knowledge and experience and open arms to give back.


The reason I picked you professor?  Because I know I’m not stupid, I know I love myself to recognize the contribution you are when you speak my language and I am allowed to soar……. 

We all tell stories and tales, it’s those we choose to hold onto as our truth that don’t always serve us .   Stories we tell Our self, Don’t need to define who we are at all.

Often it only takes an awesome Mentor, or life changing incident to shift your perceptions for ever.

In gratitude.

I shifted mine… I am willing to  support you in shifting your perceptions , no coincidences it’s all with visuals.  “Life is a Conversation which emanates from within.”  The journey begins with the first step . Allow me facilitate that journey…   Feel free to check me out Karen Rudolf,

 at..  www.TranquilSOULutions. com

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