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Karen Rudolf

Tranquil SOULutions

Life Coach & Catalyst for Dynamic Change

If you are looking for stress relief and
you have at least some inkling of your own…



You are in the right place!

Karen Rudolf is a Change Facilitator and Personal Coach who works with each unique client’s own inherent healing powers. Through Tranquil SOULutions courses, workshops, mentoring, one-on-one, or group sessions, you will build a strong reservoir of empowering…



Karen Rudolf is a masterful guide to peaceful thriving. In each Tranquil SOULutions program, your experience is derived from a variety of natural, gentle, and delightfully entertaining modalities.

It all starts with awareness, perceptions, and beliefs: Often we are so close to our own thought patterns that we cannot even begin to shift the limiting constructs on our own. Karen has walked this journey and has guided countless others along similar paths, crafting tools along the way that can help shift the landscape. Karen begins with a process of bringing awareness to the outdated structures that hold each of us in patterns of behavior that no longer serve.

The idea is to clear the way to create a ripple effect in the world, relieving the stress of these structures. What remains is inner peace that can in turn set in motion the powerful healing of the world around us. This outward radiating wave of impact that begins inside has enormous potential benefits far beyond our immediate experience. Karen believes that this is one way we can heal the world.

 What does a Change Facilitator, a Life Coach or a Personal Coach like Karen Rudolf do? 

How Are YOU Making an IMPACT in the World??


I'm grateful for the opportunity to spread more <3 The Ripple!!

I look forward to your comments and reviews.   In much gratitude, Karen

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Clients expand and discover more about themselves through a journey of self discovery, personal freedom, and end goal : happiness. This results in living a more fulfilled more passionate, higher performance life. Since Love comes in many sizes, there are no one size fits all. Whether Equine Connections or a One to One session, each Encounter is a unique experience . We are all unique individuals and seems to me, it's a way I would enjoy being treated as well.

Karen Rudolf, TranquilSoULutions, Challenging thoughts to expand lives. We get what we desire once we envision our future, expand our courage and acquire the skills to act .

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