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KarenRudolf… Some call Her Mentor…Some call Her International Leader…Some call Her a Source of Strength and Guidance. I Call Her “ALL of the Above”…and I Call Her Coach! I have heard it said “Even Coaches Need Coaches!”… We are Human After All. It IS Because of Karen that I AM Who I AM Today and Where I AM Today; The Architect of The Inspirational Vortex™, Embarking on My Journey as an Inspirational Speaker and Coach! I Strongly Urge Anyone Who Has a Burning Desire to Grow Beyond Themselves to Seek out This Force Called Karen Rudolf! You’ll BE Truly Grateful that You Did. With ALL My Heart, Namaste Coach! “ - Bobby James UrPerfect.Life 

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Add or Edit a Photo

Add or Edit a Photo

The network photo uploader allows you to add multiple photos at a time. The following formats are supported: .jpg, .png and .gif.

To add a photo, go to the Photo page and click the + sign. From here, you can select a photo or multiple photos to upload from your computer. This + button will appear on all photos and the photos listing page.

 Once you upload the photo, you can add a title and caption. You’ll also be able to delete, rotate and apply tags if you’d like. By default, we’ll generate a link for your new photos, but you will have the option to change the URL to something else.

When you’re done making changes, click the “Publish” button. After you publish the photo, you’ll be brought to the photos listing page where you can see all the photos.

After uploading a photo to your website, you can always go back and edit it. You can rotate the photo, add or edit the tags you’ve given it, change the title, description, location, category and URL.  To edit a photo you’ve uploaded, head to that photo’s detail page. At the top, you’ll see the pencil icon. Simply click it to access the edit options.  Here you can make any or all of these changes to your photo. Once you’ve made your changes, click “Update” to save the changes. You can also click “Cancel” to leave the photo the way it was.

With your social website, you can create multiple instances (or copies) of the Photo feature. Each instance has its own settings, so the settings for one instance can be different from another instance.

For example, you can have one photos instance that allows members to contribute photos and another instance that allows only administrators to contribute photos. If you have an event, you can have an instance that only shows the official event photos and another instance that shows the photos that were taken by members or those who attended the event.

This new instance can have different privacy settings and a custom URL. You can even change the contributor, view and comment settings so that it’s different from other photo instances on your network.  You can determine what kind of layout you’d like your Photos feature instance to have.  You can choose from a single-column, two-column or three-column layout. Two-column layouts have a further customization setting of selecting a pixel width for your side column of 240, 300 or 360 pixels. This is a great way to add ads and sidebar content to all pages in this particular Photos feature instance. 

When you join the website, you have the option to upload a profile photo during the sign up process. If you choose to add one later, go to your My Page by clicking on your name in the top network bar. Then click on the pencil icon at the top of your page.

This will take you to your Profile Settings page. From here, you can click on the trash can icon to delete your profile photo. Doing this alone will set your profile photo back to the network-provided default profile photo.

Click on the camera icon or the “Profile Photo” text to upload a new photo from your computer.

When you upload a new photo, the old one will be deleted.

Once you’ve selected your new profile photo, scroll down and click “Save” to confirm the change!

People sometimes ask us: What’s the best size for a profile picture image? Just about any image will work as long as it is a GIF, JPG or PNG image that is under 10 MB in size. We recommend square images that are no larger than 183×183 pixels. Anything larger will be compressed/resized to fit that space.

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"MUCH less pain/discomfort there...every time I notice it I effortlessly see the Murr (her cat) curled up with head lying on whatever side of neck is stiffest. Your work is just a beautiful affirmation of the power of the unconscious. You are a great resource for any of my clients (and me) as we work to release blockage.  There IS a change, and it's effortless and beautiful.

Karen's work with Active Imagination is a gentle, beautiful affirmation of the power of the unconscious.  She is a gifted physical and spiritual healer and I am grateful for her help in alleviating pain."

- Sandy O.

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Mind Opening

"I found my session with Karen to be mind opening and cleansing. To safely and comfortably be able to reach into my memories and listen as I shared with myself and listen as I told myself what I ultimately needed to hear to move forward, was incredible.

Her guiding me to those memories has allowed me to open my mind and find the answers to questions I did not realize I had been asking myself, if that makes sense. 

I highly recommend this form of self healing, being guided by Karen was a blessing."
-JoAnne F
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”I recently hired Karen to assist me in gaining control of my 21 year old company and in only one session she did bring long needed harmony and balance into my company, I would highly recommended anyone looking to get to the next level in business to hire her now before she is to busy too help you in fulfilling your visions in life. I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing what other great changes she can make in my growing empire of servicing others.”~M. Brilliant, Brilliant Computers 

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"What a magical day I have truly been given a gift, thanks to Karen and her two horses, I went to Karen’s farm with no expectations or even knowing what to expect, as Karen puts it, there are no coincidences. Karen was very welcoming and by her sharing her own personal experiences, allowed me to open up to her especially about my trust issues, her nonjudgmental personality allowed me to change my perspective to be able to trust others. I have to trust myself first.” “I must mention Karen’s horses, I leave these animals with so much gratitude and respect as they gave me so much compassion and trust and felt deeply connected . Love and gratitude" ~M. Angel  

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