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Game of Life

The Game of Viewing Life Differently.

Our experiences are based on our perceptions and our perceptions are based on our understanding. Our understanding is based on our myths.

Karen brings a unique and different method for change in a use of a game used as a tool which can be geared towards any conversation. She works on many levels of communicating within the Mind , Body , Spiritual Realm to deepen one’s understanding of what’s possible.

Playing, participants will brainstorm  engaging in mutual support. Walking away with a clearer perception of what they are attempting to obtain… In this case, Well- Being.

• Experience finding new perspectives while enhance communication skills.
• Learn a fresh way of exploring and sharing one’s story in a trusting environment.
• Learn to develop supportive connections with others,  while shifting perspectives into a positive contexts.
• Find new concepts and adventures to explore with ease.

• Enhance individual development, team building, team bonding, relatedness, communication skills.
• Begin to consider letting go of attachments,  What if there were other alternatives? 
• Consider new insights and a clearer direction of ‘Next Steps” with a new found confidence to pursue them with.

Clients expand and discover more about themselves through a journey of self discovery, personal freedom, and end goal : happiness. This results in living a more fulfilled more passionate, higher performance life. Since Love comes in many sizes, there are no one size fits all. Whether Equine Connections or a One to One session, each Encounter is a unique experience . We are all unique individuals and seems to me, it's a way I would enjoy being treated as well.

Karen Rudolf, TranquilSoULutions, Challenging thoughts to expand lives. We get what we desire once we envision our future, expand our courage and acquire the skills to act .

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