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Release of Emotions

"Thank you Karen for a relaxing, yet emotional RIM session yesterday - I enjoyed the release of emotions I've held onto for way too long. 

Your gentle guidance was comforting and I felt safe to allow those emotions rise that I would normally hold in tight check.  I have more work to do and look forward to the secure, loving and supportive environment you create for me.


Fay L :  Holistic Healer 

Clients expand and discover more about themselves through a journey of self discovery, personal freedom, and end goal : happiness. This results in living a more fulfilled more passionate, higher performance life. Since Love comes in many sizes, there are no one size fits all. Whether Equine Connections or a One to One session, each Encounter is a unique experience . We are all unique individuals and seems to me, it's a way I would enjoy being treated as well.

Karen Rudolf, TranquilSoULutions, Challenging thoughts to expand lives. We get what we desire once we envision our future, expand our courage and acquire the skills to act .

Here to be of service to you and yours. Schedule your personal experience at:

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  • I am so grateful you enjoyed and found some release and calm for yourself in the experience. Namaste!!
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M. Angel ~ “What a magical day I have truly been given a gift, thanks to Karen and her two horses, I went to Karen’s farm with no expectations or even knowing what to expect, as Karen puts it, there are no coincidences. Karen was very welcoming and by her sharing her own personal experiences, allowed me to open up to her especially about my trust issues, her nonjudgmental personality allowed me to change my perspective to be able to trust others. I have to trust myself first.” “I must mention Karen’s horses, I leave these animals with so much gratitude and respect as they gave me so much compassion and trust and felt deeply connected . Love and gratitude “
Bobby James www.UrPerfect.Life ~ KarenRudolf… Some call Her Mentor…Some call Her International Leader…Some call Her a Source of Strength AND Guidance. I Call Her “ALL of the Above”…AND I Call Her Coach! I have heard it said “Even Coaches Need Coaches!”… We ARE Human After All. AND It IS BEcause of Karen that I AM Who I AM Today AND Where I AM Today; The Architect of The Inspirational Vortex™, Embarking on My Journey as an Inspirational Speaker AND Coach! I Strongly Urge Anyone Who Has a Burning Desire to Grow BEyond Themselves to Seek out This Force Called Karen Rudolf! You’ll BE Truly Grateful that You Did. With ALL My Heart, Namaste Coach!

M. Brilliant, Brilliant Computers ~”I recently hired Karen to assist me in gaining control of my 21 year old company and in only one session she did bring long needed harmony and balance into my company, I would highly recommended anyone looking to get to the next level in business to hire her now before she is to busy too help you in fulfilling your visions in life. I look forward to working with her in the future and seeing what other great changes she can make in my growing empire of servicing others.”

J. Rose ~” I’ve been to many programs in this area, but never presented like this. I loved the activity and play connection where everyone was involved at all times . Great Job!”

M. Cohen ~ “Eye opening / awe opening session. It was a very positive experience – worth the challenge of opening up.”

S. Neal~ “It ( the experience ) was remarkable that the cars that were picked related so well to the situation at hand. Karen does a wonderful job pulling all the information together so we can understand better.”

Jolene L. ~ Thank you for showing me the connectivity that we all share”

“Thank you for setting us on the path: things went very well. I was searching for a special facilitator for our first team workshop and Karen was the perfect choice. She provided our group with creative tools to meet our challenges while guiding us with empathy and playfulness. I would definitely recommend her for group work or one – on -ones.”
L. Avery, Director Galleries ,
Ringling College of Art and Design.

MDO: “I had no idea what to expect, but minutes into it I was hooked. No one wanted to stop playing. This game is amazing. I went home with insights and clear direction for my ‘next steps.’”

Kim T. : “The experience opens my eyes to possibilities and having the confidence to pursue it”

Madeleine G.:“This is my 2nd experience and it was just as meaningful and thought provoking as the first – and a different focus. It encouraged me to write my intentions —the process was right on target for where I am in my life”

Tracey Marshall, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Karen and I met the summer of 2013, about a month and half after I had received a breast cancer diagnosis. When I entered Karen’s seminar I was in a place in time in which I was actively working to heal the emotional blocks that were contributing to the diagnosis I had received. At the beginning of Karen’s session, I was skeptical but open-minded…how could this “game” be helpful in my healing? With Karen’s skillful facilitation and insight I received many messages and revelations related to where I was at emotionally and what I felt I should do next. I cried, not tears of sadness but tears of validation, of revelation, tears that healed. A year later, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Karen again. I participated in another seminar with Karen and was equally impressed. I was at a point in my life where I was healed using unconventional medical practices (no more cancer in my body) and I knew what I needed to do next BUT I was procrastinating because it would put me out of my comfort zone. As expected, the messages I received were exactly what I needed to receive for my next steps…I left Karen’s seminar feeling validated and confident. Thank you Karen so much for being an important part of my healing journey…

Tim Hurson
Author: Never Be Closing and Think Better
Novelists, philosophers, and therapists all know that character is destiny: you become what you are. Karen offers a great way to discover just what that is.
With her superb facilitation skills, she opens the door to a game-based journey of discovery and invites you to look deeply into yourself, your relationships, and, yes, your destiny.
Imagine — a safe, fun, and insightful experience, so engaging, that it’s over before you know it. You can be sure you’ll see a new and clearer picture of yourself than you’ve ever seen before. Do it with colleagues, do it with family, do it with people you don’t even know. But most especially, do it with Karen” 8/13

Rebecca Walsh Student, Employee
“The Game was spot on with my desired intention. With the loving and supportive coaching from Karen playing The Game, I experienced a breakthrough that has laid the foundation for true inner peace. Karen’s knowledge and life example exudes in her authentic presence and she will show you how to have life show up for you exactly how you want it. She is gifted!! There are no coincidences. Thank you Karen!!” March 13, 2013

Scott Timmons Owner at The Timmons Group
“Karen is masterful in engaging her clients in the creation and development of their current and future objectives with grace and ease.” February 11, 2013, Scott was with another company when working with Karen at TranquilSOULutions, LLC

Patrick Edelmann President, Créations et Constructions Edelweiss Inc.
Karen helped us to do strategic brainstorming and prepare mind maps to do an official presentation of our new technology to an envisioned client. As a Swiss entrepreneur working in Canada since 18 years I needed Karen to create a Mind Map Synthesis before the meeting to be able to achieve a Powerful communication.
Karen knows exactly how to ask the right questions to get an impact on your thought process, allowing you to quickly clarify the important point to focus inside an issue or objective. She is ruthlessly committed to your success, accessible and easy to reach through video conferences. October 9, 2012,

Daniel Widrich Geospatial Analyst
Karen is a great listener and extraordinary human being who has a tremendous commitment to make a difference in the lives of other people.
Karen provides profound insight and understanding into what people are dealing with and communicates ideas and viewpoints in a way which often cause a direct and immediate shift in an individuals experience; such as creating peace and understanding in an upset rather than conflict and resentment.
Furthermore, Karen has the uncanny ability to cause people she interacts with to see their own beauty, contribution and greatness and in the process, transform their outlook and self-image from a “glass half empty” perspective into a “glass half full perspective.”
There is no doubt that these qualities and others make Karen an exceptional asset and resource for all individuals, family’s, groups, organizations and communities she works with.
April 8, 2011, Daniel was with another company when working with Karen at TranquilSOULutions, LLC

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