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We Offer a unique approach to Mentoring, Consulting, Facilitation and Stress Transformation.

This is your one-stop portal for Mentoring, Coaching, Organizational Consulting, Workable Structures, Inspiration, and Stress Relief.
Our services ,and programs help you enhance your overall well-being. You will replace the internal dialogue that holds you safely where you have been until now. Through experiential exercises, you will shift these old perceptions. And at the core of these processes, you will have fun and learn to play even in the midst of the most serious of circumstances. 

Karen Rudolf and her horses, Truman & Apache, have an amazingly unique service! I was astounded at how Karen’s skills, combined with the assistance of her horses, catapulted me in ways that I could never have imagined. Within 2 minutes of starting, I was able to go so deep with many aspects of a lifelong issue that has affected me for decades. Afterwards, I continued to heal on my own and receive some great resolution. Thank you, Karen, Truman and Apache for this most profound experience!!!
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Taking Pride in my Passion as a Healer