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Tranquil SOULutions programs help you enhance your overall well-being. You will replace the internal dialogue that holds you safely where you have been until now. Through experiential exercises, you will shift these old perceptions. And at the core of these processes, you will have fun and learn to play even in the midst of the most serious of circumstances.

Because the Tranquil SOULutions approach begins with belief, you will learn to observe and meet Life’s challenges with a new way of seeing that carries forward into all you do.

 Awareness begins with the desire and the willingness to follow through… 

The next step is yours, and yet, with Karen’s guidance and support, you are never alone! Start changing your life now with a 30 Min Complimentary Session.

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“I can” do it…..

Okay, so I was wrong!   I admit it freely.  Now I can laugh at myself and be joyous and gleeful!  I’m finally in a space where I can give up the attachment to being wrong!   I own it, I forgive it and I can now laugh at myself and release it to the ether’s.


So I’m not a Rembrandt…. yet!  I took the first step towards it,…

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Being with Intuition..

Just another day in life?…. hummm…

As many of my faithful followers know, and thank you for that .I am most grateful for your Trust in me!!  As many know, I have been taking on another cleanse.   This one I will now call my ‘First cleanse”.   It’s a Autumn cleanse, autumn. a time for pulling back , slowing down and gathering… looking over where I’m at before the onset of Winter……

I’ve worked and continue to work on Mind, and…

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9 Feet to 9 Inches of Affirmations

There was a time , not too long ago, when my self esteem was waning along with my self worth. I was having pity party” moments that were lasting a lot longer than a moment.


At the time, I had an enormous mirror (9 x 6′) hanging in my bathroom. Whenever I dared to glance at it, reflected back was a sorry ass… me. I was looking haggard. I was worn out…

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Body Talk…. essential flow.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling like usual self. I realized I was exhausted before I even started my busy day.

When I finally stopped long enough to acknowledge the dull aches and pains I thought, “I know

better.” I took a moment to breathe and get my body talking to me. Somehow along the way I had

lost track of my physical self.…

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The true purpose of practicing yoga is to unite the mind, body and spirit.

How Practicing Yoga improves Muscle Tension, your Health



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As the true Self comes forth and claims victory, her purview is all she sees before her. TranquilSOULutions.com

Change, Truth and The Way…

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How to Earn Trust


Cristina Mariani-May, co-CEO of wine importer Banfi Vintners,…

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When you learn how much you are truly WORTH, you'll stop giving people Discounts. Be true to yourself and your value will organically be transferred to others..... Stop or stuck?? Feel free to sign up for your complimentary strategy…

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The 5 Business Books that Made Mark Cuban Very Rich


The Shark Tank…

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Get inspired this holiday season! Pass the inspiration on to your friends and family!…

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Meet the Woman Behind Mitú a Latino Video Network That Gets More Than…

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Have you always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others? What if you could focus on just a few things that would profoundly affect the way you impact the world? You can start now by creating a ripple that will have far-reaching…

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Barbara Corcoran: The Secret to Making a To-Do List That Really Works


The real estate entrepreneur and 'Shark…

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Feel free to join us as we expand our thoughts about Core Values, what they are and how we apply them into our lives each day. Best thing is it's Free ! Contribute to others as well as yourselves. Expanding the Ripple on many levels, Happy…

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Women Show Love for Their Bodies in New Social Media Campaign #MyBodyMyBFF


#MyBodyMyBFF Campaign…

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With spiritual intimacy, personal growth takes precedence, and the couples tend to live in solution consciousness.

Spiritual Intimacy: What you really want from a…

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Mentoring is in my SOUL! Thank you for crossing my path, lifting me and touching my life so profoundly.

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