Effecting change in the world. Being a Light.


I began as a Candy Stripper at age 13 and became an LPN while studying Nursing to support my career choices. I pursued a career in Nursing right out of High School at Felician College, Lodi, NJ, with a background in Psych as an understudy.

I worked:

  • ER and learned to think quickly on my feet.
  • OB and learned how precious life is.
  • Med-Surg and became so proficient and at ease with my job

The Supervisors would pull me last minute off one floor and put me on another…. I learned to become the chameleon and ease into any situation before me. I had my license in NY , NJ and AZ . I let them lapse when my former partner and I moved down to Florida to begin our family and I was offered $4.50/ hour and told I was 1 credit short to get licensed here.

When pursuing that one credit, the University Enrollment agent , also a nurse, told me I’d have to go back to their school for 4 years to gain their pre
rec’s before getting to that 1 needed credit. I felt if I were to go back at that point for 4 years, it would be for something else. I was very burnt out from oncology . As an empath, I hadn’t learned to separate from my work and was getting sick myself.

I quite to raise a family.

I hadn’t a desire to go back since as I was frustrated with the amounts of prescriptions being written for patients without getting to the root cause of
the problems.

It was right after my divorce back in 2007 when my mother , who had no self esteem nor self worth began a series of painting lessons and had no one to show
them to. Although she had a history of severe Migraine headaches , she began painting on her canvases with no one local to show them to until she’d made an appt with the Dr. for her headache. The nurses oohed and ahhed over her painting until she painted
the next and came back with now the complaint that the pills they medicated her with made her nauseous . Once more the staff ooh’d and ahh’d over her work. Before I knew it she was 19 prescriptions deep and I came over to pretty much scrape her off the floor,
pretty much incoherent.

This became a catalyst for my doing what I do today…. Supporting others in their own healing journeys towards well being and personal freedom.

Life Coach —>> Transformational Life Coach

Graduated Florida International University 2009 and began marketing myself to Women in Transition. Educated women who are struggling with life changes:

  • Divorce
  • Break
  • Up of relationships
  • New Job… etc.
  • Well Being.

Forms of Sessions:

  • 1:1, groups, global over Skype-1:1
  • Along side the horse’s for a more intent discovery or out in Nature discovery tour.
  • VIP packages available : 4 consecutive day
  • 6 hour intensive package.


Team building, team
bonding , facilitation

Licensed Reverend: 

Ordination March 9, 2013

As a licensed Reverend, I choose not to practice in front of a pulpit rather to be a light in the world and support others in finding balance and personal freedom within their struggles of life.

Certified Spiritual Practitioner

I am also a Certified Practitioner studying for the last 8 years for the Center for Spiritual Living. Although completing the program, my studies continue. I choose to use the knowledge that I have gained more so within my Coaching Practices.

Shifting what I refer to as ‘disbelief’ systems and bringing others awareness … into the light. Affecting Well Being as target.

Effecting change in the world. Being a Light.

Facilitator / Presenter:

In the world of Creativity and Creative Problem Solving.

ACRE conference : South Africa, One of the Top Prestigious Creativity conferences, was asked back 3 years running.

  • Presentation: Threads to Educators and again to Businessmen.
    The Journey 2012 Presented Threads , Portland

Mindcamp, Toronto

  • Presentation: Threads, and various programs around creative problem solving , improvisation.

Florida Creativity Conference:

  • Volunteer Coordinator, Organizational Staff for upcoming conferences and
  • Presenter: Creative Problem Solving, Personal Growth and Development , Threads, and varying other modalities

Jacksonville Sheriff’s department: Facilitated 2 day program
Creative Problem Solving Skills, Communication, Team Building/ Team Bonding, Threads, Improv

RADIO Interviews

Talk Radio: on Spirituality
Mothers Day : 4 part series on ebook : 5 Ways to Create A Ripple
May 7th

Began a Mastermind group (Timeless Wisdom In Action , FB group ) some 7 years prior: Success Principles Universal Laws Study of Emotion Study of Feelings Living in the Present moment , currently.

Facilitated Facebook group discussions on:

  • Truth
  • Be Told ( Finding Joy in the Journey)
  • Power of Imagination ( Supporting my Creativity Community)
  • Conscious Company ( raising Conscious Awareness )


Pearls of Wisdom & Just what is a Life Coach? Get Shot By Ella explores Conscious Company by getshotbyella
Posted on September 18, 2012

Always in quest of people, places, actions and events that reflect our company’s vision of the “ Positive Infusion” Get Shot By Ella was intrigued by a recent Facebook page request from Karen Rudolf to “LIKE” Conscious Company. Their “about” section states, “Conscious Company was designed to create a landing site for raising conscious
awareness regarding inner healing, life’s experiences where lessons are learned and shared, that others might gain the pearls of wisdom from each other.”

Karen Rudolf is the creator of Conscious Company.
Followers of @ShotByEllaPhoto received our posting “Re-invent, re-invent, re-invent. Then push forward and believe,” on their twitter feed in September 2012. Here in the Get Shot By Ella studio, our team strives to dance to the tune of that tweet each day. Some days that music flows sweeter than others! On those days when the snack that arrives is a plate of lemons, making lemonade can present a challenge if the sugar is low!

All of us experience those days, and even extensive periods, when things get “out of whack” and “off track.” Friends, family, spiritual advisors, and mentors can provide priceless caring and support. However, some challenges are best resolved with the input of a professional life coach.

Much as a professional sports coach trains players how to implement winning strategies during competitions, a professional life coach guides clients through life challenges with techniques that contribute to more balanced emotions and health, enabling them to overcome fears and attain objectives with confidence and in a timely manner.

Professionally, Karen Rudolf is a life coach for her company TranquilSOULutions
and has developed The TranquilSOULution workshops and seminars to empower attendees in life situations and experiences. (“I work from a belief in the Law of Attraction and our being responsible for our words creating our own world,” says Karen.
Karen also facilitates individual clients through various transitional life experiences from what sheterms a “‘W’holistic” approach.

Karen elaborates, “When I say “‘W’holistic” I am referring to mind, body and soul. I use communication and various visual techniques that enable clients to look at their existing belief systems which may be sabotaging and holding them back from reaching their fullest potentials. Together we focus on shifting their perceptions towards a positive outcome.” Through her own unique process of visual coaching, Karen guides clients toward a shift in perceptions that frees them to grow and develop and begin leading lives of expanded horizons and greater fulfillment. Possessing strong listening skills is a critical component to her success with clients. “I truly believe life is a conversation which emanates from within, and we all have the ability to change those inner dialects to make a difference in our own lives,” says Karen.

Recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing “dedication, leadership and excellence in personal development coaching,” Karen has 30 years of professional experience. She is a nurse and certified life coach. Her training includes a two-year intensive program in communication which included team management and leadership training skills. Additionally, she is licensed through HeartMath as a Provider for stress management and the management of overeating disorders and is currently in the process of getting certified as a spiritual practitioner.

Who is Karen Rudolf at core? “Who I am is unstoppable,” Karen states matter of factly.


  • Timeless Wisdom In Action (Mastermind/ Learning group)
  • 5 Ways to Create a Ripple ( supporting my Ebook)
  • Choosing to Change in 30 days (creating new habits/ Law of Attraction)


 5 Ways to Create a Ripple

Have you always wanted to make a difference in the lives of others? What if you could focus on just a few things that would profoundly
affect the way you impact the world? You can start now by creating a ripple that will have far-reaching effects. This book gives you the 5 keys to supporting you to Live Your Dream Life Now!

Somewhere along the line, think back . “I just want to ‘Help” others ” came rolling off your tongue and out of your mouth? Imagine if that and more we’re possible.
This isn’t for the light of heart, it takes energy and effort to have that life… Are you willing to make a difference within your own life to make a profound difference in others lives? The choice is yours , you could choose to wait and think about it, Or choose to attempt something new and different and perhaps have fun show up more and more.
What if as you were changing, new changes showed up which made a bigger ripple on others that you could even begin to imagine!

Be open, Be willing.