Because the Tranquil SOULutions approach begins with belief, you will learn to observe and meet Life’s challenges with a new way of seeing that carries forward into all you do. 
Awareness begins with the desire and the willingness to follow through… The next step is yours, and yet, with Karen’s guidance and support, you are never alone!

Start changing your life now with a 30 Min Complimentary Session.


  • Enhance individual development, team building, team bonding, relatedness, communication skills.
  • Begin to let go of attachments, opening ones eyes to other alternatives.
  • Obtain new insights and a clearer direction of ‘next steps” with a new found self confidence to pursue them with.


  • •Experience finding new perspectives while enhance communication skills.
  • Learn a fresh way of exploring and sharing one’s story in an trusting environment.
  • Learn to develop supportive connections with others while shifting perspectives into a positive contexts.
  • Find new concepts and adventures to explore with ease.

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Is Mentoring For You?

  • What Vision and Opportunities are left uncovered?
  • Do you desire the realization of your full potential?
  • Do you seek a balanced life?
  • Are you ready to inspire yourself into new possibilities?
  • Do you want to change your path? Take Charge of your destination? Create your personal road map?
  • Tired of working alone? Creating Accountability moves life forward with ease.
  • What if you where able to attract all you desire by shifting your energy and conversations?
  • How willing are you to explore your goals and dreams?

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A little creativity and ingenuity with the use of a game as a tool in expanding perceptions in the ongoing learning and expansion processes creates a space of fun and play with everyday life situations.

I Call The Sessions: A Game of Perception!

“When we change the way we look at things , the way we look at things change!” ~Wayne Dyer. This very statement changed my life forever and continues to do so.

It is a powerful communications and relationship building tool that brings people together to deep levels of connection representing the Game of Life.

Experience the power of the Visual, where I facilitate individuals, groups or teams into seeing what’s possible in that context of conflict resolutions or everyday life experiences.

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The Game of Perception!

Our experiences are based on our perceptions and our perceptions are based on our understanding. Our understanding is based on our myths.

Karen brings a unique and different method for change in a use of a game used as a tool which can be geared towards any conversation. She works on many levels of communicating within the Mind , Body , Spiritual Realm to deepen one’s understanding of what’s possible.

While playing the game participants will brainstorm with others while engaging in mutual support. They walk away with a clearer perception of what they are attempting to obtain… In this case, Well- Being.

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Tool Chest


An intuitive game that reveals our connections with self, others and the universal energy.ToolChest

Imagine having an experience utilizing a game as a tool which sends you messages from your Soul! After the game, you’ll never look at your life in the same way!

Testimonial: “I had no idea what to expect, but minutes into it I was hooked. No one wanted to stop playing. This game is amazing. I went home with insights and clear direction for my ‘next steps.'” MDO

“When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things change”
Bring your concerns and challenges and let’s look within a safe space to look at a fresh perspective in causing positive change.
3 things you will get from this session:

  • Experience looking at new perspectives while enhance communication skills.
  • Learn a fresh way of exploring and sharing your story in a trusting environment .
  • Find new concepts and adventures to explore with ease. It’s about having Fun!

Approximately 2.5 -3 hours

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RIM Provider (Regenerating Images in Memory)

certification to be completed in June 2018

RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) is a body-centered, transformational technique that frees you of negative thoughts, feelings and memories, so you are empowered to live your best life.

The RIM process allows you to re-generate your neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way. Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM by explaining that the brain and nervous system is “plastic” or changeable. In 2000, a researcher at the College of William and Mary discovered that recalling a memory biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way.

Since your nervous system imprints an imagined experience similar to an actual experience, you can re-generate emotional body memory to create neurological-rooted positive endings to old hurt and pain. All the while, factual memory remains stable. Finally, during the RIM process, you integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates health in your mind, body and spirit. You begin to trust that life wants you to thrive and succeed.

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Licensed HeartMath Provider

Stress Management Licensed
Weight Control Licensed

science-based technology and programs for taking charge of your life.
Proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety by increasing your inner balance and self-security.

  • Learn to access your heart’s intuition to become the best version of yourself more often.
  • Assisting in identifying goals.
  • Helping to expand their awareness and identifying primary sources of stress that cause energy drains.
  • Itroducing self-regulation techniques.
  • providing strategies that help them connect with their intuitive guidance and find their own solutions.
  • Helping develop a plan to integrate the skills in their daily routines offering objective feedback.
  • Ensuring that they stick to their practice plans and are able to achieve sustainable results.

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