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“I can” do it…..

Okay, so I was wrong!   I admit it freely.  Now I can laugh at myself and be joyous and gleeful!  I’m finally in a space where I can give up the attachment to being wrong!   I own it, I forgive it and I can now laugh at myself and release it to the ether’s.


So I’m not a Rembrandt…. yet!  I took the first step towards it, had fun, was relaxed and revealed… Mostly laughing at myself alot!

At the beginning of the year I was privileged to be asked to be a Presenter at the The Journey Retreat . It was an amazing growth experience!  So grateful I got to be involved in such a fine program.   Next one, not to be missed is in Joshua Tree Retreat Center in CA , Dec. 19 -22, 2012 .   I will be there once more awaiting to not only give of myself, but to allow myself to receive all the treasures there or I prefer calling them, Pearls of Wisdom !!   ((  feel free to contribute and take away.. enjoy!))  I look forward to truly being a part of it again.   It flowed…, and the connections created an amazing mix of personalities and life long friendship tribes!   I highly recommend.  Tell them Karen sent you!!

While having some down time at the Journey, I was given many choices to participate in.   I choose a Painting workshop, Given by Creative Artist, Whitney Ferre of Creatively Fit .

That day, I sat down feeling a bit smug, I can do this even though I have no clue what it will look like. I was sitting amongst what must have been 12 or so other women all chatty and excited.  My apprehension began building.  They all painted, but me!  I was handed 3 canvases, like everyone else and 3 primary color paints. I had no clue what I was going to color my canvas with.   I allowed myself to get distracted… Looking at others , not trusting myself.  how sad if felt.   I heard all these,” this is so much fun, I feel so creative”   I wanted to run and hid.  Actually got up to leave and fought with myself to stay and  be with the discomfort. I wasn’t having fun.   I was finally inspired by a dragonfly… mine looked primitive and sick…   it was one of those paintings one looks at and says, “oh, nice …. pause… try”   Ouch…I kept one and snapped pictures of the poor other 2, just to say I was there.

I was so clear I have creative talent. I’m further clear we all have those talents, their just lying dormant, some where within the cell ‘s nucleus. Struggling to break free, ouch!     I work with my hands, creative metal sculptures, clay works, jewelry work, threads… did enough basket weaving to last me a life time…   My story ” I am not a painter, I work art with my hands… I can’t paint!”   Boy had I stuck to it!

After that grueling experience I get now, that I created for myself… talk about giving one’s power away…hummm…..not me, not what I am committed to. None the less, I chose to hide out one more day while I dabbled my pallet onto other nuggets.   Was an eye opening experience for me in my journey called growth and expansion.  I sat with it for some time.

Months later, to my joy our paths crossed at another event.   As we talked and reminisced about “The Journey” experience and what’s next…. after the exciting exchange of events , Whitney shared how she’s doing her workshops on Skype!!   I was so excited as I do my Coaching/ Mentoring/ Teaching on Skype as well!  Love it!

Whitney invited me to her workshop and take the class.   Ouch!   In the moment my fight or flight kicked in……breathe Karen breathe… I decided to stay and fight it.  fight me… Me WON!… Let me explain the events..

I immediately replied back to Whitney with a sharp “I don’t paint, I can’t paint…. I work with my hands”   Was I defending or what?? Yuck!  Whoa….girl whoa!  Breathe…

Whitney quickly jumps in with, “Yes you can!” without skipping a beat~   Ouch!  Hummmm.

Karen, without skipping a beat takes that breathe and says, “Okay, I just got that the reason “I can’t” is because I don’t know how. I never allowed myself to be taught. ”   Humph!….. Now or Never girl…. “When?”         After I showed up with much joy.  Joy because when I changed my perception I was than   free to be with fun, play and ease when beginning our session. The session  was a hoot! (okay,,,, had to,)  I was all laid out and ready…..


All Laid out... and ready!

Whitney is very easy to be with. After catching up and getting further related, any doubt I may have had in the background was gone.  After instructing me on how to start , I began with 3 colors and hadn’t shared I’d put “abundance” symbols all over the space. After that dried, I was than to make an owl … started really to relax and trust the process…


Whitney shared the how to mix the colors with me to support the flow…was really cool!   Than as my smile was beginning to broaden as I let go of any attachments to my forming owl.    It’s one of those experiences that has to be experienced for you to get your own perception… was pretty amazing

From a Coaches point of view, and my own personal journey, I really get how I sabotage myself in the world of ” Cant’s”.  As I utilize the work I teach/ mentor, I am able to shift my perception and catch myself quicker and quicker…. I get letting go of old layers which drag me down and no longer serve me… I got so much more from the experience.   I teach the tools, I live them and Life than is free to teach me…..

To get your own personal experience with the paintbrush, that yes…..’i do use with my hands now….” tee hee….. contact Whitney Ferre at Creatively Fit Tell her Karen sent you…  I had a blast and can’t wait to paint my next one, I highly recommend the time well  spent!


Not a Remebrant, Its a self expression of Me!

Reality Check for me… I can do it !      With instruction and the willingness to want to change what no longer works for me and enhance what does.  This is what people like Whitney and myself are here for, to support those shifts of joy!

Now that you want  a Coach/ a Mentor / and (each others) Teacher, feel free to contact me as well.. at 407.920.4288 To schedule your 15 Min Complimentary session.

Now I will not do a painting journey with you, I will take you on another visual journey called, “The TranquilSOULution”    Curious?   Call TODAY and see if it’s that perfect fit for you…. 15 Min Could change you life…. It’s you’re life after all…. what are you worth?

Being that it’s  TranquilSOULutions’ 5th Anniversary in Business.

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Being with Intuition..

Just another day in life?…. hummm…

As many of my faithful followers know, and thank you for that .I am most grateful for your Trust in me!!  As many know, I have been taking on another cleanse.   This one I will now call my ‘First cleanse”.   It’s a Autumn cleanse, autumn. a time for pulling back , slowing down and gathering… looking over where I’m at before the onset of Winter……

I’ve worked and continue to work on Mind, and Spirit and found I let my body go.   Always putting others first, and I am presently shifting that energy into including myself in that mix. It’s okay  about me!   No, I’m not being selfish, I’m being selfless.   I’m feeling great to be in this space.  How can I possibly give back to others, if Im not looking and experiencing it over here, with myself?

As I identified what was holding me back , I declared I was now going to take on expanding my business along with my health/ well-being/ body.  No coincidences… in steps the Universe….. providing for my ‘Needs and Desires”   ….

I meet Mena Canonico.


Apache and Mena

I hired her skill with business and Horse experiences , to support me by adding my Wonderful Duo, Truman (the Miracle Horse) and Apache (another Miracle)  into TranquilSOULutions Practice!  Expanding the conversation!!

Right after I came home from supporting a Montreal Company for 6 magical days, I saw the benefit by being 100% present.  I  came home and Visioned for someone to support me in the same conversation I was having for my own business. Mena  stayed with me for 6 magical days!  Once she arrived,  In the right timing, the conversation around business and clearing self  was being managed . Somewhere along the line she taught me the magic of finding the Perfection in EVERYTHING!   WOW!    Another shift in perception on this level I hadn’t seen for myself. I know it, yet it often hides from ourselves.  I trust its here, wasn’t trusting me finding it!!  Go figure, hey, we all get it when we get it!  Having Mena present was money well spent on Me!  I’m worth it .  My commitment to my Serving you is running my Belief Systems. We all carry our own sets.  Yup we ALL have them!  It’s what to do with them and how to manage them….     After Mena departs for her next journey,  I’m digesting in an easy time space…. being with the information and myself.  Got it.     Next, my Bod!

I meet Dr. Mitchell Kershner, ND. in perfect timing.  It’s like he fell from the sky.   Right after I put out to the Universe I am with a healthy balanced mind , body and spirit.  Dr. Kershner shows up and shares with me his philosophy and wisdom.  The Pearl…. eating Organically is an investment / my insurance policy!  Wasn’t long for me to agree to his challenge of taking on his Fall Cleanse Diet.   Whose not up for a Challenge, throws a bit of fun and play into the mix!

I take on his amazing “magic” cleanse…He warned me not to be surprised what else would show up .   I hadn’t been expecting anything out of the norm. mind you

that‘s a relative word! . What showed up was pure magic for me … The Pearls on a silver Palette. because what follows is a gift to self, myself… because I’m selfless and loving me today!!

If I ever see them again doesn’t matter, what I’m wanting is for them to be in my Tribe and stay.  What I’m understanding is …I’m not attached.  People come and go for a reason and a season , I will let it be and what shows up shows up.  Either way I’m grateful the Universe found them worthy enough to be put into my world, in this very moment…

As I began this cleanse, I cook everything  Organic in one afternoon. I cranked up the Jazz and swirling around the kitchen , singing and dancing having a grand ol’ time.   Next , making and pre portioning containers, freezing and ‘fridging….

One of the many delectable dishes , I mixed together a symbolic dish of Thanksgiving for my family  which is roasted roots , as I leaned over to carefully put them into the oven this day. This day NOT being Thanksgiving….


Roasted Roots w/ herbs & spices

I was looking at the colors, textures, the ABUNDANCE and realized in that moment I was doing this for me and me alone!   I LOVED ME! I WAS PLAYING WITH ME!!  I Don’t NEED anyone to play with me to make me happy. I do!   I WANT someone to play with me …when I want someone to play with.  Nothing else meant by it….simple.   So I than set healthier boundaries around myself.

I’m honoring my body and listening to it communicating with me. Tuning in.  I’m in a great space to hear, observe, feel and listen.   Pretty cool actually!   Breathing that one in still.

Next I took on cleansing my home, while I was on the “liquid only” portion of this cleanse, I decided to keep busy, the key to not being attached to the thoughts of food or lack of it.  Remember, I’d just created abundance for myself in the kitchen.  I paced taking a break between upstairs and down… after all , hadn’t wished to be too far from the bathroom this day!!  I was cleaning out the old energy and inviting in the new.  Great feeling!

Today, I choose to go be with the horses and gain their wisdom.  Answers I wanted in the moment.   With my day beginning early, I wasn’t able to leave when I intended.  Instead I decided to treat myself by having lunch and doing my homework down by my dock.  Portable office!  Love it.  Brought a smile in and of itself!


Portable office space/ Down by the River!

Wasn’t long before Harriet showed up. Harriet is a Blue Heron, my obvious Totem in the moment.  I actually believed it was showing up for Mena when I brought her down here. .. Herons, signs,  was for me.  In the book, Animal Speak, it says the Blue Heron is Self Reliant. Powerful and Move about easily with a deep rooted connection to the earth… Yup, I’m there!


Harriet watching the passerby's

I believe Harriet is actually Harry, I won’t tell the others if you don’t…..    As I got into a space of Awe. We were sharing the Space, his Space. He was sharing it with me.


Harriet sharing his territory with me.

What showed up in the next moments were so sweet.  I had been meditating seeking questions to further ground me.  I got grounded alright…

Harriet flew down to catch a fish!  1st launch was a success!   He was getting closer to me.   I felt the Trust.   I responded with sending love and compassion his way.  He neared.

As I observed Harriet in his environment.  Doing His “ thing”.. what he does best… I began assimilating and putting all my “ahh ha’s” together to create my own clarity in this moment.

Harriet was no more than 10 or closer feet to me.  There’s Trust present as he comes closer.  As I spoke softly to him, sharing my questions.. He watched me … his generosity in listening was mind blowing.   It was in Divine order that when the fish was close, he skillfully obtained the bounty. Power was present. Once more Abundance shows up in supply.  Harriet Patiently awaited his feast to come to him. Wow there goes that Patience thing again!!!   He was answering, calling towards me.  Hadn’t sounded threatening, rather soothing, a cooing… Compassion was present!


Harriet teaching me life's lessons

Beauty was present for me as he stood majestically still, his feathers gently moving  in the wind.   His innate Wisdom when to know …. what to do…  He had the Vision to see what was before him, in his stillness, I heard my heart speak be still, listen, meditate.



Thank goodness I saw my own reflection this day in his grace.  We are One.  I wanted to take a picture of Harriet in flight.  He stood in his stillness, I was reminded of Patience once more.  I thanked him for sharing his Wisdom and Space with me, invited him back to visit anytime and I walked away, content with my full… how abundant life truly is!!

What I was get from the experience was a reiteration of my Higher Purpose.  Thus, my having to get the experience, live it  in order to get grounded in my Abundance .  I have recently slowed down digesting it all.   I’m in the Being rather than the doing of life, my life.  A fabulous place to be.  Gearing up for what’s next.  Believing the Universe will show up again and again for me!  Appeared in these moments on the river as the puzzle pieces simply came together.

Once more, No coincidences I pick  a  “Wisdom Card” each day and twice this week it was the same “Flowering”card… I get it… I’ve planted the seeds, I’ve nurtured them , tended to them and now I bloom… I am so ready for the next phase … I’m enthusiastic .  I am fully alert , aware and awake now!   Tuned in and turned on!

As I breathed my day in and walk the dog… I felt like the “Choose One”… I’ve a gift I‘m directed to spread…  who am I to resist any longer?   I’m trusting and believing , it’s clear to me that  I manifest what occurs in my world.


Getting the experience on another level

Thank you to all of whom have crossed my path , to all who have chosen to stay, to all I have yet to meet… In gratitude.   Namaste.  Karen.

What I do for a living is called Coaching to some.. Mentoring to others… I like personal journey guide.   As your Guide on your journey, there is no judgment, there is no fixing.  There may be some fun and play along the way, some challenges and many “ah ha” moments for sure!  I’m a firm believer in getting oneself out of our own way, much is possible on the outside.

If I am your guide and you resonate with my style, I  will connect with those who are what I call “willing to want to do the work”  It’s just like going to the gym, you have to work towards what you dream, what you desire….. I am not here to hand it to you.   So only serious apply… If you’re still interested.  I am offering a 30 minute complimentary session to those who read this , and comment on how you see a refection of something within you in this article.  After doing so , send me a list of dates and times which will work for you to have your private session at :

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9 Feet to 9 Inches of Affirmations

There was a time , not too long ago, when my self esteem was waning along with my self worth. I was having pity party” moments that were lasting a lot longer than a moment.


At the time, I had an enormous mirror (9 x 6′) hanging in my bathroom. Whenever I dared to glance at it, reflected back was a sorry ass… me. I was looking haggard. I was worn out from attempting to keep a straight, strong face for the outside world to see and it was starting to show. I was exhausted.

Something had to change and quick. I heard an idea about using a sticky pad full of affirmations to shift your thinking about oneself. I started filling that giant mirror with positive affirmations until there was no room left except for a 9 square inch window just big enough to put on the makeup to cover the signs of stress.

After about 30 days, I started to shift that covered 9′ x 6′ into a covered 9 inch square, 3 post-its wide and three post-its tall. Slowly, as I began believing what I had written on those squares, I began peeling away the layers of notes. One by one. Intentionally. Trusting, Believing.  I was transforming. As I went through my days, reading those 3 x 3’s a hundred times, I was able to look beside them into the vastness of that open mirror space and see me. The real me. It’s not the diet or the makeup that will make you happy with what you see in the mirror, it’s your thoughts and beliefs about yourself.


Our journey continues….In the Flow.

I Mentor and Coach all day. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and how to tune in and tune on. I get “Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others. Often I have to step back and take the moment to remind myself to be with self.

Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.

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Body Talk…. essential flow.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling like usual self. I realized I was exhausted before I even started my busy day.

When I finally stopped long enough to acknowledge the dull aches and pains I thought, “I know

better.” I took a moment to breathe and get my body talking to me. Somehow along the way I had

lost track of my physical self.


So I’m recommitting to creating more balance in my life. I love me and I believe I deserve the best.

It took me a long time to understand that I’m worth it. A conclusion that I came to with the help

and support of my spiritual guides, mentors, coaches, and loving communities that I am so blessed

to have.

So last night I decided to take a bath! It’s funny that I had been in my new home for almost six

months, showing each day in my haste and forgetting to slow down and enjoy the moments, even

with the bath soaps sitting on the edge of the tub. To honor my body, I decided to treat myself like

a guest in my own home. I lit candles, played soft music, poured myself a glass of wine and soaked

in the moments of pure joy!

It is important to listen to your body when it talks to you. Don’t ignore the little signs. Make time

to nurture yourself: mind, body and soul.I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and

tune on… I get “Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Never to late, too little or too

too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self!


That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.


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Last week, my daughter stopped by my house and we decided to go out to the barn to see our horses. My daughter quickly found her horse and it wasn’t too long before I was closing the last gate behind me, showering my furry friend with apologies that I had not been out to see him as often as I focus on expanding my business and that in my haste I had also forgotten the carrots! He has always been a great listener and today was no different. It felt great to be beside him once more.

As I backed him into the wash rack to groom, I burst out laughing (and I haven’t stopped since)! He was a she. I had grabbed the wrong horse! My only defense is that all the horses had on fly masks. Chicka, the victim I’d chosen, had enjoyed the attention.  As I walked her back out to the field, I made a new commitment to myself to slow down and  be  more present. The key to any great life is being in the flow and learning how to balance it all. I’m grateful for the lessons today!  Always open to life’s lessons!

I Mentor. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and tune on… I get “ The Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow..

In Gratitude…

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[GUEST POST] First Steps

Hi, my name is Dana Rudolf. I am Karen’s eldest daughter. She is at the Florida Creativity Weekend right now, so I am posting in her stead.

Since my mother has been addressing making time for and being committed to taking care of yourself in her most recent posts, I thought I would discuss some good first steps. These aren’t revolutionary ideas and I’m sure you have heard them time and time again, but they are worth repeating:

  ▪    Drink lots of water.

  ▪    Get a full night of sleep.

  ▪    Exercise.

They are three little things that really shouldn’t be that hard to do. Doing this will not only keep you physically healthier, but it will improve your mental health as well.

If you are guilty of not getting in your eight glasses a day of water, a good way to start is to just start keeping track of your water intake. Wake up, drink a glass, mark it down. If you space it out throughout the day, you should find that it is easy to stay hydrated. If you really can’t stand drinking that much water, substitute some green tea or coconut water in for a few of the glasses. Green tea has bonus antioxidants to help support your immune system and coconut water has electrolytes which help support hydration.

I understand that a lot of times, it seems like there are not enough hours in the day and that can make it very tempting to stay up late to extend your day. Without the proper amount of sleep, you are more likely to lose focus and get less done throughout the day. Not to mention that sleep deprivation can lead to negative moods or feelings. I found the thing that finally worked for me was to start out being very strict with myself about the time I go to bed and wake up. Start out with eight hours. If you find yourself waking up early, then maybe you don’t need eight. Just listen to your body and adjust as needed.

Besides for the apparent health benefits, exercise can greatly improve your mood. I have been trying to do a little bit of yoga right before bed and right after waking up as well as doing thirty minutes of cardio twice a week. It’s not an intense workout, but I believe it is a good place to start.

These are the first steps I have taken towards holistic wellness. I know they may not seem like big steps, but I firmly believe in not biting off more than you can chew. I hope this has been helpful or informative. My mother, Karen, will be back on Tuesday to talk about how her conference went. Thanks for allowing me to share some of my knowledge! Have a great weekend!

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Growing and Expanding with Creativity

I had a great time this weekend at the Florida Creativity Conference. It helped me to come up with so many new ideas to bring into my practice. There were so many things to do. From working with Legos in a team setting to improvisation. Each presentation offered concepts which I’m sure I will be utilizing.Even though I wasn’t able to attend every presentation, I still accomplished so much.

I connected with nature through speaking and writing in one presentation and then moved on to laughing and shaking my groove thing in another. Seems like I got to experience a bit of everything from artwork, business contexts, personal growth, physical movement and play. Seeing how vast my possibilities actually are had me stretching my wings and embracing my creative side.


Majestic Grace

One of my favorites from this weekend has to be the Kaleidoscope workshop, where we got to shift a single photo, which I took in my back yard, into three individual art pieces. It had me making connections between perception in art and communication. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this one!

It was an amazing group of individuals who are out to make a difference, think bigger than themselves, and share the information to support raising imaginations and creative ideas around the world.

 It will be interesting to see what’s next!!

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The Tales We Tell…

Know why I picked your class?  “Why” said the master. The reason I chose yours is because… you spoke to my learning style.   You use Lego’s as a tool to Visualize and allow me the tactile experience of getting” the teachings.  I used to think I was stupid. I know differently, because I know what works for me today.


As a child I was laughed at  because I didn’t know what April fools day” was.   The whole class laughed at me  as well as the pretty Snow White Teacher who kneeled by my side, patting my back.  I immediately retreated inside my head….. I made it mean I must be stupid for not knowing” . That became my Truth!   My Story for years to come.  When I was called upon–” I don’t know”  became my mantra.  I was so fearful of that humility once more.  I knew the work, I knew it all.  I became afraid of opening my mouth fear of looking bad and being laughed at again.  I kept myself small, very small…. a mouse sized small.  


Funny now when I look back I could never recognize that child.  I’ve forgiven her, acknowledged her , welcomed her into my life once more.   Still a tad timid from time to time… and adult me has no qualms about opening her mouth.   Harmony was struck at Last. 


Being creative


Here is a depiction of what I am leaving  a conference with and bring out to the world.  A tower of knowledge and experience and open arms to give back.


The reason I picked you professor?  Because I know I’m not stupid, I know I love myself to recognize the contribution you are when you speak my language and I am allowed to soar……. 

We all tell stories and tales, it’s those we choose to hold onto as our truth that don’t always serve us .   Stories we tell Our self, Don’t need to define who we are at all.

Often it only takes an awesome Mentor, or life changing incident to shift your perceptions for ever.

In gratitude.

I shifted mine… I am willing to  support you in shifting your perceptions , no coincidences it’s all with visuals.  “Life is a Conversation which emanates from within.”  The journey begins with the first step . Allow me facilitate that journey…   Feel free to check me out Karen Rudolf,

 at..  www.TranquilSOULutions. com

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Last weekend I visited my 79 y/ o  mother along with my 19 y/o daughter to take them both to dinner..   Mom lives 2 a half hours away from me.  Needless to say , I don’t see her as often as I’d like to. 

Its interesting to see this white haired women switch between her present day women & her little girl with excitement. In the past I d been confused by that little girl as I was personally challenged  being a the responsible adult single mom not understanding, almost resentful at times.   What I’ve come to learn is balance.   Acknowledging that inner child & being curious, playful & dreaming myself.   Actually a fun space to be in.

Hidden in an aging body,   Mom shared how she feels younger until she gets up & feels  a pain , a twitch or the mirror collides with the moment.    I can relate now.  Although I feel far from old, my mind tricks me into feeling in my 20s as the body screams slowdown.  I’m listening and shifting that conversation for sure.

It’s okay to ask for assistance , support is around the corner

I’d been pulling out of the garage when I saw this in the rear view mirror mom fall even with her walker.  It was frightening to see.  My daughter was by her & supported her weight until able to lower her gently to the floor.  As we attempted to get her up , she was apologizing for her size, her weak legs & lack of body strength.  She was well.  We carried on ,  Nice time had by all.  Yet still the incident lingered with me.

I’m reminded how our bodies are made up of millions of cells & cells contain water. Studies confirm   thoughts becoming things  and have a direct impact on our bodies..   I get up each day in gratitude.  I thank each part of my body individually for supporting me, functioning efficiently & taking care of me through out the years.  I seek to see the perfection in all things.  Every bit of each step we take supports even a small bit of caring, nurturing and loving ourselves.  It’s never to late to shift our thoughts while we support our personal well being.

If you are wishing to shift the perceptions of Loving yourself,  being self expressed or any other internal conversation you have with yourself,  Feel free to contact me at 407.920..4288 and schedule your 15 minute complimentary session today!


Karen Rudolf

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Seeking the Perfection in Everything!

Story Tellers, As old as History itself!

I was on a networking call this past Friday & the moderator  asked me,” who I was most great full for attributing where I am today?”.  Without skipping a beat, I said my former husband.  Gasps where heard on the other end of the phone line by all, men & women alike. I smiled internally.

In a society that makes the ex” the evil bad person, that dogma no longer exists in my space.  Evil? No!  How can it be ?   It took two’ to be in a relationship & I choose to be responsible for my shortcomings as well.   We all have them. Relationship is a growing learning experience.  When you put two people together who never learned to open their mouths & communicate, circumstances arise .  People do what we do and do it well.  Acceptance is not always present.  We often live a life of expectation without having a conversation or agreement around our thoughts and beliefs.

Had life been hurtful at the time, absolutely !   Have I grown from the experience? Absolutely !    I’ve learned & become passionate about communication, created a mentoring practice which I love and I’ve learned to be fully self expressed.  I Found my voice.

I will always be saddened my marriage hadn’t worked out.  The perfection is I got to see and know myself on another level. I have 3 wonderful connected children and my life could be worse.  I hold no resentment,nor anger and Bless him and his life each day and am grateful,our lives intertwined.  No coincidences in life after all .   I choose to look for the perfection in all.  Life is too short to hold on to what I believe life should look like.  It is only me who will suffer for it.

Starting April 3 rd , I offer a group session  call with the topic relating to relationship.   I will be facilitating others for four weeks around the multifaceted levels of relationship. 

Together we brainstorm , hold space for one and other as we plot our way through the healing experience as we grow & learn together. Topic changes monthly!   Come expand your thinking, thoughts and connections!

Interested in joining?   Feel free to contact me at for more information, time and cost.

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Stories add Value to Who you are

Carl Jung one wrote something to the effect of stories about our humanity connect us to our past and link us to our present.   I find this to be so true in many of my clients cases as well as my own.  I invite you to look further for yourself.

Where might your safe haven be located

As a young child, I lived on a dead end street in Massachusetts.   At the end of the street was a vast forest  as small children we would play in and around it all year  long.  Our parents had no fears for our safety back than and the bells would sound to bring us back for a meal.  We were truly conditioned and very happy spending the say in the sunshine and running around.

For myself, I enjoyed my solitude from time to time playing with my Barbie dolls under cover of a bush which resembled a vast igloo. I imagined that no one saw me there, covering my dolls with leaves and healing them from sickness and such.  No coincidences later in life I brought dying plants back to health. My dad said get a profession… I became a nurse and later a healer / mentor / coach/ utilizing that which I “conditioned” myself to love as a child.  No coincidences I live in a preserve amongst nature.

Story is a powerful tool used to not only see where you’ve been, where you are, etc. It’s used in business everyday to close deals with high points which captivate and pull us in.   In movies which do the same.

Where does your story begin?  Have you considered asking another to share their story, most people love sharing, it’s a great getting related connect as well as learning things about another which makes them come alive…it “3-Ds ” them and makes them unforgettable.

What’s your story?   Does it align with where you are today?   Betting it does..

Karen is a passionate Mentor/ Coach / Teacher who brings Nature and her teachings into the everyday classrooms of Life.  From walking in the woods  with Clients and having their sessions to being by horses and learning huge lessons in their presence  to floating on a river and getting the flo of life.   She’s been mastering the art of Communication for 7 years  in a visual context such that others get it quickly. While working on getting herself out of the way such that she’s there for her clients fully without judgements nor opinions.  Frees the space to be present in the moment with each.

For more information, feel free to contact her at :


Karen Rudolf,

TranquilSOULutions, LLC

“W” Holistic Intuitive Mentoring , Training and Coaching

Licensed Heartmath Provider.


“Life is a Conversation which emanates from within.”

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Preform a regular Self check in

When was the last time you took the moments and did a personal inventory of your internal spaces as well as your external environment.?    Spring is a perfect time to sow the seeds for a wonderful abundant Autumn harvest.   Coming out of the cold Winter months,  pulling back and thinking about a plan of action to have the life we dream of.   It’s a time to get complete with all those things hoovering out there.  Complete the past, purge all the spaces and crevices both internally and externally.  How?  Great question…

In the cold of Winter, you’ve been looking at what no longer serves you.  Looking at what you want, where you’re going. Lots of time to do some Introspection work.

Now it’s Time for Spring Cleaning.. Begin with perhaps your environment.. Purge, clean and reorganize.  By doing so, it creates clarity to think and function at a higher vibrational energy . Commit to cleaning up 3 things each day.  Watch the magic begin happening!!

Next , your Health & Well Being.  What are you willing to commit and follow through with? Perhaps it can be as simple as letting go of soda to start replacing it with water.  Start walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator… You get the picture.. All about choices.

You’ve been holed up for the winter reading or vegging in front of the TV perhaps.  Time to get out. Time to expand your Mind. Your growth & developmental brain.  Start with a workshop, seminar or class.. You’ll meet like minded people and  have like minded conversations . Perhaps working out. When you feel good about yourself you will radiate good”  to all around you mirroring it back to you.   It seems to me, when you smile the whole world smiles back!!

Finances are part of the health & well being conversation .  Tax time is here. Take care of you and your finances by having things in order , being responsible for knowing where your money is going and perhaps be open to saving something! Especially all that loose change you’ve found while cleaning out the clutter.


Being mindful, sending out the good with the bad,

Commit to instead of that soda, put that soda monies you would’ve spent or $1.00/day away , it’s a start. After 3 months perhaps raise it to $10.00/week .  Watch the $$$ grow. Pretend its gone , off limits.   After 3 months get present to how much money that soda was costing you in more ways than one as your waist line shrinks!!

Check back Friday for Part 2 of Spring Cleaning: Your Personal Clutter.   Friday , learn other enticing tidbits to support the Spring Fling!


Karen Rudolf, with TranquilSOULtions, is a Mentor, Coach , Teacher , Facilitator. She  Intuitively Choreographs a relationship with her clients using visual contexts.  As a Client you will learn ways to instinctively communicate , process emotions , thoughts and  feelings with the use of these new skill sets which you can apply to all relationships.  Hear inner dialogs and shift perceptions when she teaches you to go  deeper and obtain the connection with your inner self energy.

Feel free to inquire about  your  15 min. complimentary session. .   Inquire at Karen@tranquilsoulutions .com with your available time choices.

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What to do when the feeling of overwhelm occurs?


I stated in Tuesdays post, about  looking  at taking the moments to take your personal inventory of where you are presently,  look at where you are going and what you want differently for next year.  In other words, what worked and what didn’t .  I spoke of ways to prepare yourself for next years harvest” by planting  seeds now.  Before seeds are planted, the farmer must get rid of last years, old growth and than till the soil to prepare for the new seeds to be readied.  The same holds true for ourselves.  Same are the ways to clean up your internal  environment to support the outer environment. 


Clearing the cobwebs

Today’ a new day, a new Beginning !  A great place to start is Today, not tomorrow and you certainly can’t yesterday anymore, although sometimes we wish we would.   So…. let that go!  Moving forward, as we are cleaning up our personal cobwebs it seems a great time to be open to Planting the seeds for job expansion or job change?  You’re getting a better grip on what you want now .  Are you living your dream?  Living what you do?  Consider job change , shift or expansion supports lowering your stress levels and raises your serotonin  levels (Happy hormones” –  increasing Serotonin levels decreases many diseases at the same time).  Trust in yourself.  You’ve had many life experiences and you have much in your tool chest to be of value and service to others . Keep in mind, you are only taking personal inventory of how to expand and choose here.   If you are compelled to change, and take a risk, often risks can be very rewarding.

Cleaning out the cobwebs and be open to Spiritual Growth.   This means letting go of the past ! Be in the moment!  Allow the past to remain in the past .  You can NEVER return there, Keep the past in the past and allow the freedom to move forward creating the future without Fear! You’re worth it! I  it requires you to start expanding, Trusting in Yourself and a higher Source.  How you do this is up to you.  It requires one to breathe into your heart space and listen for your answers to your concerns.  It seems all your answers lay within you.

Today, as you are loving the changes, loving yourself, your love beacon shines , attracting love back.. Only than are you ready for external relationships  to show up even more powerfully.

Check back here for other snip its of Spring Cleaning’s ongoing tidbits .   Summer is around the corner a season for fun and play! We want to be ready both inside and out, yes?   Why wouldn’t you?  You’ve taken inventory and are ready to move forward.Your looking good, your exuding love , light and happiness.   Isn’t that what you want anyway?  Check back here for other snip -its of Spring Cleaning’s ongoing tidbits .  

Ever get stuck? Attempt some affirmations for 30 days .. Takes that long to create a habit .  If you’re stuck in writing your own.  Feel free to inquire about  your  15 minute complimentary session.  I will be happy to create your Personal set of Affirmations.   Inquire at Karen@tranquilsoulutions .com   Subject:  Affirmation consult 15 with your available times and I will get back to you promptly.

Karen Rudolf, with TranquilSOULtions, is a Mentor, Coach , Teacher , Facilitator. She  Intuitively Choreographs a relationship with her clients using a non-verbal visual skill set. 

As a Client you will learn ways to instinctively communicate , process emotions , thoughts and  feelings with the use of  new skill sets which you can apply to all relationships.  Hear inner dialogs and shift perceptions when she teaches you to go  deeper and obtain the connection with your inner self energy.

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As I learn to trust myself, my intuition , I breathe deeply and trust my guides, Those inner nudges and soft whisper y voice . I breathe it in. I Trust! Know how I know?

I got it… and me! I shift into those spaces of non significance…. remind myself that I’m a beautiful and an amazing individual.” because I say so.  I don’t have to listen to others voices of reason if I choose not to.  There is amazing freedom in choosing for myself.   Everyone has their opinions, judgments and assessments , I no longer have to follow others reason. Whose life is it anyway, correct??


When I look at what I have before me, 3 Wonderful daughters…. that is where the riches lay for me, not out there because someone told me so….. see the reflection of who I am and who I’ve become reflected back in my child’s eyes…. no matter how big or far away they go. ……. Being in the flow puts you in the know.   Look into your own child’s eyes.  No children?  Look into the mirror and see truly who you are in that reflection The good, the bad , the ugly.  When we accept the light and dark sides of ourselves truthfully, than, and only than will we have the ability to look at what we want our lives to look like and what we will choose to let go of.

I Mentor and Coach all day. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and tune on… I get Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Sometimes I forget to STOP and look at the reflection in the mirror.

Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.



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Taking Me On!

Taking Me On!

Taking me to another Level, Fears left behind.

The question posed today was why had I decided to take on #YourturnChallenge today?

I heard something for myself in the conversation of failure. Had I failed, Yes! I like to think of it as failing forward… I am always growing, learning and expanding. I am not looking at myself as I did something wrong, it’s just never gotten done. Simple! No frills.

I’ve been talking about writing my book for sometime now, you know that book we all have inside awaiting to come forward and support the world? That one that will make a difference? Yup, that’s the one I’ve got tied up in knots within me, and I’m usually , too busy, not enough hours in the day, or something like, me an author? Yup, that internal dialog which holds even myself back….Ouch! Human after all!

I’m clear I am here to make a difference, be of service and contribution. I mentor from a space of integrity , and here I am talking about it and haven’t committed….. Interesting…. When I get sick and tired of being sick and tired, it moves me into action….

Recently I took on a 6 week weight loss challenge after getting sick and tired and looking in the mirror and barely recognizing where I’d disappeared to, only for me it was in the wrong direction. When I finally got what commitment was rather than wishing and hoping that someday / one day I will be finding the time…. I heard the echo of my best sista’s voice in my ear whispering it’s all numbers…. numbers are diminishing on the time line and now on my waistline since I got into action, I have lost the 10 lbs and have found the commitment to be participating presently on the next 6 weeks with more gusto and presence to what’s now going into my mouth. Being my word… to self. I now am reaping the rewards of better health , well being and energized.

When I looked at this from this perspective, I got another level of Self Love. Motivation to write that book.

So, I am taking this 7 day challenge on to write my daily blog, to begin the habit of loving and living what I believe in, what I stand for and getting it out there in the world. I am joyous to be playing with you all and find my someday one day is NOW!!

Thank you for the amazing opportunity … Gratitude World!

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Taking Me On! Day 2: Things of Importance to me…

By Karen Rudolf,

Something important to me…

Yesterday I wrote about my personal commitment to myself. I take that very seriously as I believe integrity is everything. Without integrity nothing works. If one believes in Universal Law, I attract what I put out there. I only wish good thing to be attracted into my space. It’s not just about having the happy, positive … ha ha, life is great attitude, cause let’s face it, it sucks sometimes! Life throws us curve balls and , we either learn to duck to avoid really quickly or we get nailed upside the head a few times until we learn to duck! Yeah, I was one of them once (or twice) as well before I figured it out! Trial and error, law of cause and effect. We learn about this law early on… touch a stove and getting burnt before the brain says, think NOT!

So, I’ve gone on for a bit longer, if you can’t tell, I love this stuff. The more I learn and expand and give it back , the more I grow and understand my world around me. How to maneuver more freely within a working world. Freedom is very important to me. I’ve allowed fears, judgments , other opinions to hold me back way too long. When I finally committed to change and surrendered to not controlling the ship, the winds always seemed to blew fiercely in my sails, I got the ship had another route for me to follow. It’s been freeing not to fight the wind besides, it’s way stronger than I can every be.

I’ve enjoyed the journey as Joy is important to me. The feeling both inside and out creates a huge smile and warmth. It feels great!!! Joy radiates as I maintain a grateful heart.

I love my life, I love what I do and I love being me. Now I’d say that integrity , freedom and joy together create the harmony of Peace within me for sure!

The pieces will fit together ,

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When you see your own Greatness, you than can see the Greatness of Others!

by Karen Rudolf,

I found this question to be rather interesting. My belief system has been for me that something needed to be improved, implies something needs to be ‘fixed’. As if I were broken in some way. Especially having a lock of self confidence for so many years and after living for so many years with the context of being ‘not enough’.

-if I don’t save for a rainy day…. those rainy days always seemed to show up at the most in opportune times…

-money doesn’t grow on trees … it’s got to be earned with hard work…. hummm, I began to work harder and harder , not smarter

—there are starving children in Biafra (would’ve been cool to have thrown the geography lesson in there at this time, like really?? Biafra?) so eat everything on your plate…… ugggggg… I began eating mine and than some, waste not want not…. UGH! And created social prejudices for all those Biafrans! Though the eyes of babes….

-if you lost just a little more weight , I’d make love to you more often as he’d pinch an inch….no matter how long and hard I worked out…. talk about ‘not enough’… ARGH!!!

The lists go on and on into the self for-filling prophecies .

ENOUGH! I want off that ride!

-Opportunities are always there for the eyes which see and I choose me!

-Money flows where energy goes, it flows easily towards me and all is well.

-There is abundance all around me, for the asking.

-I was enough, I am enough and I love me just the way I am! No one else can create my happiness other than myself… responsibility I embrace as mine and I am joyous.

As I journeyed to explore and own my personal Truth, I shifted my speaking, the words as my thoughts I was clear were creating my reality, my occurring world , it seems to me that I resinate with being whole , complete and perfect right here, right now.. I believe that about all of you as well. All I have is this very moment in time, not guaranteed tomorrow and I can no longer change the past. Seems to me, I want to make that count.. I spent endless hours, studies, time and monies to learn, and expand myself so I may inspire others .

I was guided to ‘get myself out of the way’, now I just show up, and butterflies always show up…now that’s another story…. It’s all perception after all, isn’t it??

So if I look at something to improve, I’m always improving… always expanding, growing, learning than Peace is mine!

I am Grateful!

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Day 4: Something I do well….

Taking awareness to another Level, Fears left behind.

What I do well is …

I = Inspirational, I enjoy getting myself out of the way to inspire, lift and teach others how to step into their own greatness and remind them of the flickering light which shines from the inside out.

N= Nourishing mind, body and soul creates a space of harmony, when harmony is present we flourish and manifest … Universal Laws….

S= Serving come naturally to me, it seems to me that when I teach the importance of words creating our reality in order to manifest our desires, the harmony comes when we are smiling both inside and out.

P= Peacefully giving without judgement and assessment, creates safe spaces for allowing others to BE who they are meant to Be.

I= Interestingly enough, Integrity is near and dear to me, without integrity nothing works. Like attracts like, when I’m being my word, others notice and seem to step up naturally into their own. Others take notice.

R= Radiating Love. In order to attract love into my spaces, I Am Love, compassion and presence.

E= Enlightenment occurs whenever I meet another and get to see the inner flame of another, it touches , and inspires me to see the oneness of us all.

The more I inspire the more I am directed to remain in my heart and encourage others to remember who they are, I am In -Spirited , I am grateful and Peace is mine.

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Day 5: Advice for getting unstuck

The importance of breathe, we come in with a breathe, we depart with a breathe, in between creates value!

Today’s question was :

Advice for getting unstuck?

Response: Breathe, Step back, breathe , distract, return.. re-Commitment , breathe…

It seems to me when I get “ stuck“, I search within to get unstuck,  I am in my head… appears to hold deep dark spaces there.. When I take my questions into my heart, into the silence, I have all I ever need right there…. If I doubt or fear or question myself ,I’ve now allowed these to conquer my failure, I realize how I’m not trusting, not trusting myself, my intuition, my higher power…. What am I committed to after all? Whom do I want running the show?? After all it’s my show any way, correct??

So I take 3 deep breathes, in through my nose and out through my mouth… 3 is the magic number. I than step back and often walk away for a moment, even if it is only to relieve myself or get a glass of water… prior to sitting down again, I take 3 more deep breathes… the breathe slows down my endorphin‘s, effecting my metabolic rate, my thoughts which have effected every cell of my body…. get the picture????….and I than change the way I look at things. when I change the perspective, I view the existing reality in a new way… Than finally,as a Mentor, I remind myself what I’m committed to…. take another three breathes and I’m rockin’ and rollin’, back on track.

With practice it gets easier and easier and when I get really stuck in my head, I have Angels who watch over me…. some of which I’ve hand picked. As a Mentor, I pick up the phone and request a committed listener to just hear me out… often as I speak aloud , I hear exactly what I couldn’t hear in my silence clearly.

They know me well enough to know I am NOT looking for advice , judgment nor assessment of my thoughts unless I ask when I feel stuck, key phrase here, “unless”…. so there is always a mutual respect. When I give respect, I get respect, which gives me the sound advice to move forward,  which I require.  Works for us. I call these Angels my “Dream Team”, we’ve been a contribution to each other for the last 7 years…. one for business, one for relationship and one for finance and spirituality… It’s a conversation and agreement up front should you choose to create your own team.

Law of Attraction

Interestingly enough, when new people come into my life for a reason or season, I go within to seek what questions I’ve asked of myself which have brought these new Angels into my space… Law of Attraction works whether I am conscious of it or not… now that’s another story…and

Inner Peace becomes mine.

I’d be curious for those who decide to attempt this , let me know what worked for you and what hadn’t….

Namaste for getting your inner peace.

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