The Answers Lie in the Eyes you See Before You..

Posted by Karen Rudolf on June 26, 2017 at 4:13pm

As I learn to trust myself, my intuition , I breathe deeply and trust my guides, Those inner nudges and soft whisper y voice . I breathe it in. I Trust! Know how I know?

I got it… and me! I shift into those spaces of non significance…. remind myself that I’m a beautiful and an amazing individual.” because I say so.  I don’t have to listen to others voices of reason if I choose not to.  There is amazing freedom in choosing for myself.   Everyone has their opinions, judgments and assessments , I no longer have to follow others reason. Whose life is it anyway, correct??

When I look at what I have before me, 3 Wonderful daughters…. that is where the riches lay for me, not out there because someone told me so….. see thereflection of who I am and who I’ve become reflected back in my child’s eyes…. no matter how big or far away they go. ……. Being in the flow puts you in the know.   Look into your own child’s eyes.  No children?  Look into the mirror and see truly who you are in that reflection The good, the bad , the ugly.  When we accept the light and dark sides of ourselves truthfully, than, and only than will we have the ability to look at what we want our lives to look like and what we will choose to let go of.

I Mentor and Coach all day. I teach balance, body talk, how to listen, and tune in and tune on… I get Me” out of the way so I may be of service to others… Sometimes I forget to STOP and look at the reflection in the mirror.

Never to late, too little or too too…. never mind what others think… never too late for Self! That’s YOU!…. I love my life today, it’s created and it’s magical! I challenge you to be in the Flow.



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